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First off, let’s demolish the myth that romance is effortless for professional women. Of course, being a single professional with a progressive career has a lot of rewards, but it also presents some unique problems when it comes to dating and in business or working it becomes Professional to personal.

How do you keep your personal and professional life healthily balanced? Understandably, there are many demands on the time and energy of a professional woman, but there are particular strategies you can use to make sure you’re properly targeting the ‘relationship goal’. “Make your love life a priority, even if that means you have to book it in,” says Trudy Gilbert, founder of Elite Introductions and known as ‘Australia’s Millionaire Matchmaker’.

“I’ve matched numerous single professionals over the years, and I’ve learned that the ones who truly put in an effort to make time — and also, approach dating with an open mind — find the most success.”

Gilbert (who recently published her tell-all book on dating, 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker) understands that her clients desire someone as inspired and dynamic as they are, but she also approaches her business knowing that everyone has their own motivations. As a matchmaker, she not only pairs her clients with like-minded individuals, she also teaches busy professionals how to approach dating with the proper mindset.

Take action, scope the landscape, and outsource | Professional to personal

[tweet_quote hashtags=”#datingtips @ruby_radar” ]Go out with friends, be approachable[/tweet_quote]; and while you should have an idea of the qualities you’re looking for, don’t be too quick to write prospects off on first sight before getting to know them at least a little. For the time poor, hire a matchmaker to do the selecting for you! In business, we’re constantly outsourcing in an effort to keep things running smoothly with the most efficiency possible. If you wanted to build a website but lacked the knowledge and time to code it yourself, you’d simply outsource the task while keeping control of the final result. So why should your approach to building dating success be any different?

Professional to personal; Don’t be held back by preconceived ideas of ‘Mr Perfect’

Know what you want and go after it, but don’t be constrained by your set list of requirements. Successful professionals always keep their eyes and ears open. They take in suggestions with an open mind, then assess and decide accordingly. When it comes to dating, go on a date with the same mindset. You never know what someone truly has to offer until you give them a chance to show you.

Keep the appointment

With a jam-packed schedule, and when you’re tired after a busy day, it’s tempting to ditch a planned date. Even if you need to request a simplified arrangement ¾ for example, if you have to avoid a big night out because of an even bigger business commitment the next day ¾ still keep the date, but perhaps swap the big night for a cocktail after work. In business, [tweet_quote hashtags=”#datingtips @ruby_radar” ]nobody is respected for cancelling [/tweet_quote]meetings at the last minute, and the same applies in dating.

Switch off

We all know to not ‘bring the office home’. And we shouldn’t take it on a date either. While it’s fine to touch on your work or projects in general terms, a date should be a chance to get to know each other’s personal sides. Successful people know how to turn the switch off. If possible, never go on a date straight from work. If it’s unavoidable, do something to decompress for 10 minutes or so in the office: listen to some favourite music, watch a couple of trailers for movies you’re interested in, or even do a couple of discreet yoga moves (with your office door closed of course). The break will not only aid in separating the two events, but it will also clear your head.

Find compromises in your calendar

[tweet_quote hashtags=”#dating @ruby_radar” ]Dating can be hard when you have a busy schedule[/tweet_quote]. But always give the person you’re dating at least 5 minutes of your attention every day or so. If you’re interested in someone, you need to make sure they’re getting the right signals. It might be a quick phone call, text, or simply send a funny or interesting link (with just a smile). You could miss out on potential love if you don’t make an effort to show you’re interested. If you’re both busy, communicate and compromise on ways to date that keep you both happy and productive.  

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