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Whose perspective are you living?


“Find out who you are and be that person. That’s what your soul was put on this earth to be.” Ellen Degeneres 

I recently have had the pleasure of being reminded about the importance of perspective when I asked my four year old daughter what she wants to be when she grows up. She profoundly responded with her name… “Amber”. 

It dawned on me in that moment, that being ourselves is all we ever wholeheartedly want to be. We want to be able to express ourselves, share ourselves and be the person we desire to be, unapologetically.

I’ve had my own journey of losing perspective on life and it came at the cost of my everyday sanity, health and wellbeing. When I became a mother, all I wanted to be was a good mum. I had conjured up this definition of who a mum was and looking back it was totally disjointed. I was defining myself based on society views, perceptions and ideals. I had to get everything right. Everything had to be perfect and if it wasn’t then I created a story in my mind that I had let my daughter down.

The return to work exacerbated my frustration and overwhelm even more, because now I was trying to be the perfect worker, along with being the perfect mother. And it was my health and wellbeing which suffered. I was living on a constant hamster wheel, rushing from one thing to the other. Constantly “doing” something, rather than “being” in the moment. I was living in the future and totally missing the now. I had this yearning feeling every day that this was not living, this is not what I had envisioned life to be. I had become someone I did not know, I had lost myself. I had lost perspective.

During this time, the only thing that kept me excited, apart from my daughter, was my running. And it was through the power of setting running goals and literally running to achieve them that I decided that being my lost self could not continue. So, I did what quite a lot of ambitious mothers do these days and started my own business.

Being a business owner came with deeper rewards than I could’ve ever imagined. Yes I was challenged mentally to do something I had never done before, but more than that I was connected emotionally and spiritually to the joys of life. And that was being of service to myself, to my family and to others through my passion of wanting to motivate, inspire, be well and feel good.

Three and a half years later, my perspective on life has changed, evolved and developed into a life of health, love and joy because I’ve decided how I want to live my life and that is as me and only me.

Some of the key steps I took to regain perspective on my life, work and health are as follows;

  • I defined my values. Whilst working for my employer I was involved in a project which focused on creating new values, mission and vision for the company. During that project I realised I did not know these for my own life. I had never given it a thought. I made time to identify my core values in that moment and this was the pivotal step forward to start regaining myself and my life goals.
  • I created a vision for my life. I spent time defining what I wanted my life to look like. What sort of family life did I want, what type of mother and wife did I want to be, what was my financial wealth going to look like. My personal life, my working life, the list goes on. I dared to dream that I could create and live my personal vision.
  • I discovered my passion. I had known for the past few years that my passion was my running. I loved it and I loved running marathons and seeing myself evolve into the runner I had become. But I also realised that my passion for running could take me beyond my own steps and I discovered that I had a passion for training, coaching, educating and motivating others to discover their passions and boost their health and wellbeing. I reflected on the things I enjoyed at work. I undertook more study, read books, listened to podcasts and spoke to other people. I very much lived in a state of trying to absorb and morph myself into this life of living my passion.
  • I set a goal to create a change. The biggest game changer for me was expanding my running goal setting to the other areas of my life. I made an audacious goal about changing careers, starting a business and making my “own” sizable income that my energy was propelled to take action. I suddenly had clarity, focus, excitement and passion to take action and no longer bask in my lost self.

Regaining perspective and truly knowing yourself is a process. One which takes time, patience and consistent action. I hope my personal journey of life, work and business has inspired you to think about your own perspective and how you wish to live.

About Natalie Moore

Natalie Moore is a Wellness and Mindset Coach who has a passion for helping others find and make time for their passions so they can achieve their desired state of health and wellbeing. Natalie offers workplace programs, coaching, workshops and speaking. Facebook and Instagram @bemoorewellness

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