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Decorate with plants: Ways to incorporate plants in your workspace


This guide outlines ways to decorate with plants in the office, and the proven benefits of incorporating plants in your workspace.

The daily grind of having to work for your money can be bad enough on some days but during those long grey days of the winter and early spring; you definitely need a little something to brighten your day and show that nicer weather is just around the corner.

Plants have also been proven to improve air quality and absorb toxins in the air, such as carbon dioxide, and reintroduce it as pure oxygen. They can also increase the humidity as they turn air into water vapor; leading to a cleaner air quality in your office. When you work in a large building with centralized air being pumped through vents, it is important to improve the surrounding air quality by any means necessary.

You can decorate with plants in your workspace easily, you just have to be practical about it. It is not exactly feasible to bring in a full growing system that can disrupt the office but instead look at little plants that require minimal maintenance to survive.

Why decorate with plants in your workspace?

You might be thinking why would I bring indoor plants into my workspace? What benefit does it have to me to decorate with plants besides being something else I have to take care of in my day to day calendar? This is definitely one way to look at it but instead why not take a positive look at it and remember that indoor plants in your workspace can:

  • Studies have shown that indoor plants can reduce stress by bringing in a sense of the outdoors into the office. They brighten up an office and can give off fresh, clean scents that drown out the recycled air of most corporations.
  • They clean the air! Plants will absorb toxins and break them down through a complex filtration process to re-release clean air into the atmosphere. This can also reduce sickness rates and absences as allergies will not be aggravated. Indoor plants will also destroy viruses that are lingering in the air.
  • Indoor plants can also help against noise pollution because they absorb noise without insulating the room.

Decorate with plants: the best ones to use

When it comes to bringing plants into your workspace, you want to look at varieties and strains that can live in minimal lighting conditions. You also want strains that can live in lower air quality and can survive with just fertilizer and water.

Some of these strains are but not limited to:

  • English Ivy – these plants do extremely well in low lighting and it is best to allow the soil to completely dry into between watering’s.
  • Snake Plants – these plants can go long periods between watering’s and will thrive regardless of the light conditions.
  • Calathea Plant – these plants are lush with dark green leaves that will bloom in medium to high light and should always have a layer of moisture in the soil.
  • Rex Begonia – these plants are mesmerizing with their multitoned leaves and ability to flourish in medium to low light. They thrive best when you allow the soil to dry between watering’s.

Ways to display indoor plants in your workspace

There are multiple ways to decorate with plants in your workspace and they are:

  • Small planters on your desk in bright colors, funky designs and pops of color that contrast against the colors of the blooms.
  • Wall-mounted planters are a great way to reduce clutter on your desk while still having indoor plants directly in your workspace.
    • Always check with a manager or supervisor to ensure you are allow to install something on the walls of your workspace.
  • Windowsill planters that install onto the existing window sill in your office or small planters that can line the windowsill.
    • Ask around and see if your coworkers in your shared office would like to add a plant of their own to make a miniature garden that all can enjoy.
  • Small aquariums that contain miniature plants and dwarf strains along with greenery add pops of color and nature to your desk but the enclosed space that reduces mess from soil and watering.

The bottom line

It is important to bring items into your workspace that will cheer you up, brighten your day and bring the outside in. this can be achieved when you decorate with plants in your workspace! The only thing to remember is to check with your manager on the policies of bringing indoor plants into work and ensure that none of your coworkers have allergies that can be aggravated by plants!

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Brighten up the drudgery of a daily job and bring nature into your workspace to increase moral while breathing a tad bit easier!

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