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5 Recruitment issues and how to avoid them


As companies grow and the need to recruit new candidates to join their key teams increase, it is becoming more evident that recruiters are forced to face more obstacles to fill the talent gap. But the good news is, with some precautions and extra effort, these obstacles can be tackled. Some of the recruitment issues that recruiters are facing include:

Sourcing talent

When it comes to companies actually sourcing eligible people to fit the roles that they require to fill, it seems as if the pool of candidates is limited. One of the ways that companies can go about this is by actually starting to promote their current workforce. This allows the company’s current employees to realise that their efforts are definitely being rewarded with job promotions. In turn,  the value that is given to the company by the rest of the employees who wish to achieve a promotion in the future would increase. Junior roles which are then vacant can then be filled with graduates who are new to the industry and those who are eager to gain experience.

The reality is that, top talents are not continuously looking for new opportunities and they are probably already employed or have various projects going on for them. In order to overcome this issue, recruiters should follow-up with candidates after their initial offer. This would differentiate the company from other companies and candidates are bound to be more intrigued because they are getting a personalised response – something which they may not be used to receiving from other parties.


Another problem that recruiters are facing is that candidates nowadays have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the companies they would like to work for. Many companies are finding it difficult to source top talent since the supply is not satisfying the demand. A prime example can be seen in the case of the job market activity in Malta, a nation whose favourable laws and regulations for cryptocurrency has attracted big companies within the crypto sphere to base their operations on the island. As a result, a great demand for specific skill sets related to Big Data, Blockchain and BI means that filling jobs in Malta is a challenge for both recruiters and candidates. Moreover, ideal candidates would have various job offers that enable them to see what benefits them the most and who offers them a more sustainable and comfortable future. This pushes candidates to postpone job offers even further before settling for a role which gives them an appealing offer.

For recruiters to entice potential candidates even further, they should look beyond the financial package that they are offering. Although when it comes to a candidate’s decision on which company they wish to be employed by, the wage that they are being offered is the major turning point in which route they’ll ultimately take, other benefits may contribute to their decision too. Offering benefits that contribute to the candidate’s well-being is definitely a major bonus and will likely entice them to choose you among other companies that are interested in employing them.

Value to candidates

Recruiters are sometimes not meeting the expectations of candidates when it comes to salaries. It may be because the company does not have the budget, but it can also be because the recruiters do not know the value that the candidates would be truly contributing towards the company’s growth.

Recruiters should always keep themselves updated with salary trends and what the market is currently paying for specific roles. There are a lot of salary surveys that can be found online and it’s just up to the recruiter to pick which one is the most reliable source of information.

Recruiters need to give the candidates options when it comes to benefits that they are aiming to receive, in order to win them. Listening to their goals during interviews allows the recruiter to offer benefits which may be within budget and be tailored to their needs and expectations.

In time

One of the dilemmas that companies face when recruiting a candidate is the time spent in doing so. Some of the positions that companies would be hiring for are vacancies that are pending because current employees are still rendering some time before moving to new companies. It is still in the company’s best interest to let talents know when they can start working or when exactly will current employees vacate their positions.

With candidates having multiple offers, time is crucial, the longer they have to wait to receive an offer from you, the higher the chance that they’d just take an offer that’s readily available to them. Companies may end up losing ideal candidates just because they were still waiting for something or the position they are recruiting for is still not vacant. Or, they may not get the chance to find the best fit because they were not being given ample time to filter the candidates well.

In order to combat this, companies should take into consideration the long-term gain that they would be achieving from candidates and allocate more time for recruitment. Especially recruiters need to hire for senior roles where there is a substantial amount of resources being offered, they should be given more time by the company to hire such individuals. Although valuable time would go by with the role not being filled in, having the ideal candidate come in sooner or later would allow for the position to be filled in correctly.


A common problem that recruiters have when it comes to targeting a pool of candidates is the creation of job listings. This is mainly due to the lack of communication between the department that require the position to be filled and the Human Resources team that are in charge of creating the job listings and hiring the candidate.

Although generally the main points are written by the department that requires such position, the job description is finalised by the HR team and written in their own format. They may fail to highlight key aspects that are required for the role or forget to emphasise on certain skills. In order to have a job description in line with the role itself, it would be best that the job description is written by the department, moderated by the HR department and then further approved by the original department once again before being published to various platforms.

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