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Savvy marketing for solopreneurs


Building a business all on your own is difficult. You oversee all the little details, including the marketing that brings customers to you. Online marketing can be frustrating because there is so much information on the internet, and it is difficult to stand out in a sea of other websites and information. If you aren’t getting any online traffic, here are the top tips to improve your marketing strategy.

Create high quality content

Make sure that any information you share is credible, and that all written information has been edited for grammar and spelling errors. There are so many other companies online also sharing information, and clients will skip over poor quality content in favor of something more professional. Ensure that your website is up to date and looks professional. This will give you more credibility and make you more trustworthy. The internet is full of schemes to steal people’s money, and customers don’t want to buy anything from a source that doesn’t look credible. While creating quality content takes more time than just throwing out as much content as possible.


If there’s a skill you’re not good at, consider outsourcing it rather than spending time struggling to do something you don’t enjoy doing. That time could be spent focusing on something else that would be more beneficial to your business. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s a good idea to do everything yourself to save money. That’s a good way to burn yourself out, and frustrate yourself trying to master new tasks such as SEO skills or content writing that someone else could do. Professionals will be faster, and give you more time to focus on other aspects of running your business.

Improve SEO rankings

The higher your site appears in a web browser search, the more likely customers will visit your page. How search engines like Google determine rankings changes regularly, so stay up to date on the current guidelines. It’s always helpful to use proper grammar and spelling on your site. Search engines penalize websites that use slang and abbreviations, and places them farther down the list. If SEO is unfamiliar to you, consider outsourcing to someone else.

Utilize social media

It’s much more likely clients will find you if their friends share your links on social media platforms. Social media shares also help you get higher SEO rankings. You don’t have to have an account with every single social media site. Trying to maintain regular postings with every site would take a lot of time, especially if you’re doing it all on your own. Pick a few platforms, and then see which platforms give you better results. Once you find your social media niche, focus in on those few platforms and work to create one quality posting a day. Remember that high quality content will yield the most traffic.

Study your competition

Don’t copy your competition’s marketing strategy, but do study them to see what works for them, and what frustrations clients have with them. This is your opportunity to offer something different to clients. If you offer a better, more professional service than your competition, clients will come to you for a better experience.

Marketing is an important part of running any successful business. While it may be difficult to market yourself because it feels like bragging, remember that you are offering a service, and clients will only know about it if you spread the word. If you want your business to succeed, spend some time developing a marketing plan and implement these tips to generate more traffic and leads.

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