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Self-development tips that will lead you to success


Self-development entails bootstrapping yourself to becoming a better version of yourself; and of course, a better version of yourself has to involve being successful and achieving your goals. Although it sounds tough, it really isn’t when you take it one step at a time. Here are some easy tips that you can adopt in your life that will set you on the path to success:

Set realistic goals

You don’t just need to set goals, they need to be as realistic and as detailed as possible. They should be so vivid that you can visualize them. Some tips regarding setting targets that should help you include:

  • Come up with a mission statement
  • Write your goals down to make them more concrete
  • Recite them every day to convince yourself that they are achievable

Cultivate a positive self-image

Everything from approaching an attractive person to ask them out on a date to make a killer presentation requires that you see yourself in a positive light – believing in yourself. If you are currently down in the gutters, the following quote by motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman from his book “Whatever you’re into” can help you: “Look in the mirror and see the President in you.”

Develop good habits

The willpower to do meaningful things runs out very quickly – or at least it does when you are starting out on the self-development journey. Therefore, you need to make certain activities that you have to do consistently to achieve your goals come to you naturally and effortlessly by turning them into habits. Want to get up in the morning and exercise intensely before you attack the day? Make it a habit. Want to start reading more frequently? Make it a habit.

Accept that you will fail

Everybody fails at one point. Even the greatest performers in any field fail many times, but they get up each time. You have probably heard of this many times before, but the small detail that often gets left out is that you need to accept failure. When you accumulate a string of failures, you can easily start doubting yourself and beating yourself up; but to become successful, you should accept your shortcomings. No one is perfect.

Acknowledge the small wins

You may think that success entails the big wins, but it really isn’t. Instead, it is usually an accumulation of small wins that happen as you go about your daily, repetitive activities. At the end of each day, take stock of the small wins that you have garnered all day as a way to keep you positive and as a reminder that you are still on track to achieve your big picture goals.

Look after your body

Being successful will need you to work hard and you must feel good, physically, for that to happen. The two key ingredients to a healthier body area:

  • Eating healthy
  • Regular Exercise

Form a habit of eating a healthy diet and working out regularly so that not only will you have the energy to grind on but also you will have the chance to enjoy your success once you get to it, eventually.

Being successful takes work and rather than think about how insurmountable it will be, you should adopt an actionable approach that will make it less intimidating. Self-development is the vehicle that drives you towards self-fulfillment and these tips will help you get started.

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