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Everything you need to know before starting your wedding business


Thinking of how to start a wedding planning business? Here is the right place. Read this post to find all the information needed in starting a wedding planning business.

Contemplating how to start a wedding planning business seems an uphill task. But wedding industries are one of the most lucrative at the moment, especially in the USA. With a current value of almost $60 billion, go for it!

But you need a wedding planner’s business plan in place first, plus other vital information. And here on wedding forward blog, we’ll tell you everything in quick tips below.

  • Serve experts and form key relationships

There is a lot to learn about planning a perfect wedding. From overseeing the vendors to ensuring that the bride’s checklist is perfect. Including the misstomrs box. The planner will help pick out the best invitations, centerpieces, venues and all others. Yes, it’s the wedding planner’s duty to make sure the bride forgets not both big and little things.  This is because the couple is on over their heads and the planner is the voice of reason.

The USA hosts 2.5million weddings every year. And this makes us ask, “How many wedding planners are there in the US?” whopping 116,700 according to the Bureau of statistics and labor. This is to increase by 12% before 2026.

So, you see, there is no rush and the market can never be over-saturated. Keep calm and pick an expert wedding planner to work with. Not like one needs academic certifications to qualify. But assisting an expert helps you stay current, know what gives and form key relationships.

These relationships will later be of immense benefits to you. Relationships in the wedding industry are everything.

  • Keep overhead costs down

One reason for being a wedding planner amongst others is to give couples a great big day. When you keep your overhead costs down, you help couples with better prices. Not everyone has a huge budget to spend.

For instance, “how much is a wedding planner for a small wedding?” It is about $1500 going on $5000 depending on the agreement. How does a wedding planner pay staff and other bills with this? A planner can do so by cutting out the excess fat.

Work from home if conducive, hire only the help you need, give your personal touch. There are lots of other things you can do to cut costs. Do the checks. At the end of the day, how much is a wedding planner income? It is an average of $49,370 per annum, at $23.74 per hour.

So, if you want to pay bills, have enough taken home, and give couples the best prices; keep costs low.

  • Make your packages accommodate all budgets

Do you want your wedding coordinator business cards flying around with referrals? Then pricing your packages across all budgets is the answer. As much as you cannot cater to everyone, make your packages all inclusive.

It’s not every couple who can afford to splurge $65,000 to $100,000 and above on a wedding. Hence, adopt a tiered pricing strategy. Everyone will find something that works for them. Let me give you a tiered package strategy below.

  • The wedding day package: This is the cheapest package for couples who cannot afford to splurge. They will plan their wedding and only need a planner for the wedding day proper.

This package costs only between $1500 to $2500. This charge includes time spent, work assistants, leg work, etc. The wedding planner will bring in cohesion and organization. They will plan the event by the minute, and ensure seamless execution.

  • Day off+: Couples in this category planned their wedding themselves, but want to work together with an expert hand. Not only that, but they need someone who’d attend to the emergencies. From consultations to material sourcing, rehearsal, and wedding day proper costs about $2000 to $3000.
  • Full wedding planning package: This is for couples who have money to spend on a wedding. They couldn’t stress out about running around to plan a wedding. Here are the most expensive of the packages.

It costs an upward amount of $5000. Here, the wedding planner takes over the whole event according to the couple’s wishes. They are in charge of sourcing and lining up wedding vendors. The planners will find the best venues for the couple and help them bargain the best prices.

Some even get consulted on wedding invitation, centerpieces, place cards, wedding websites, etc. It may be because they are in the industry and know what’s trending. That’s the total value for money spent. With tiered packages for all budgets, couples will Wed in style, without trading or missing out on anything.

Now you know how to start a wedding planning business with these tips. Make your mark in the wedding industries!

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