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How can you get leads when new to the wedding business?


Starting your new wedding business is a dream come true. You undoubtedly have your sights set on becoming the name to know in your industry. First, you need to get the leads to build your reputation, and this can be the hard part. Here are some tips to help in this process and start building your name in the wedding business industry.

Do some research

The first thing you should do is a bit of homework. More research may sound daunting after all you have done to get this far, but continual research and extensive knowledge is key to understanding the necessities in your new business.

Start by checking your local area for trends and fashions. Make sure you are not only meeting the current desires of potential customers from wedding dresses to diamonds for wedding rings but that you are offering innovative new ideas that further the options brides have. Giving your potential customers a unique offering will give you an advantage over your competition and allow you to generate word of mouth leads.

Get to know your competition

Part of your research should include getting to know your competition. You can do this both figuratively and personally.  You want to learn what your competitors are doing that potential clients like and, in return, what they feel is lacking. Knowing what your competitors do well will give you an idea if you are on the right path for your desired success rate. Knowing their weaknesses and where there is room for improvement will give you that unique possibility to build your name as the place to go for different offerings.

Getting to know your competition does not have to be a hard thing. You can do some research online through their business websites. This type of inquiry will give you the most insight into what they offer and what can be improved on.

Another way to get to know your competition is to meet with them. Who said your competition couldn’t be your mentor as well? It doesn’t hurt to ask questions, especially since most people want to be viewed as an authority in their niche. Asking for advice shows respect and lets the other person know you believe in their expertise and knowledge. This respect could lead you to answers you are looking for, and an ally that can send you leads in the form of overflow or even for your expertise in the future — allowing you to build a significant asset for your new wedding business.

Bridal shows are marketing treasures

Wedding shows are a perfect place to generate leads and supercharge your conversions. What better way to get your unique offerings out to those in need of it than in the place they are looking for your specific services? After all, most people go to wedding shows and bridal fairs because they are planning a wedding and looking for inspiration, or have not had a wedding yet and are dreaming of the future.

These wedding shows are not only a great way to get your name to more potential clients, but they are also a great step in the mentor/friendship building with your competitors. Allowing you to build your lead, generating possibilities two-fold.

Utilize social media

One final avenue you should explore in your search for lead generation is social media platforms. Advertising on these platforms gives you a reach beyond your local newspaper and marketing campaigns.

Social media will allow you to reach people who are looking for your specific knowledge without having to work to find them. With platforms like Facebook, your audience is targeted by their interests and allows you to get your name in front of people who have shown a legitimate interest in your industries products.

Utilizing the ever-growing Google platform will allow you to get your name in front of those who are specifically searching for what you have to offer. Therefore you want to make sure that your website is set up to catch the eye of those all-important search engines as well.

Tying it all together

Utilizing these tips and building your reputation and brand one lead at a time is as easy as making the right connections and finding the right platform to share your unique ideas and abilities. Before you can say I do, you will be fulfilling the dreams of brides-to-be as well as your own.

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