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3 Ways to drive your business forward with social media


Every smart businesswoman knows that they have to keep up with the latest developments in business and elsewhere if they want to get ahead of the competitors in their sector. Social media has transformed every aspect of our society over the last decade, including the world of business and commerce, and it shows no signs of slowing down. That’s why all entrepreneurs and business owners should ensure that their company makes the most of the benefits that social media can bring. Here are three simple tips that can help you power up your social posts.

Have a unified presence on all platforms

Social media presents massive opportunities for businesses in all sectors, so it’s important that you have an active social media presence on all the major platforms. Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices for businesses, and a 2018 study shows that 68% of Americans now use Facebook. Don’t forget the other platforms, however, as Snapchat and Instagram are particularly popular among users aged 18-24. YouTube is also an important platform, as it allows you to use videos to showcase your company’s products and services. It’s important that your presence throughout all these platforms is professional, well-designed, and uniform, as this increases brand recognition, which can itself be a powerful marketing tool.

Make the content interesting and relevant

Social media can prove a highly effective, not to mention cost-effective way to market your business, as the right post can quickly be seen by thousands of potential customers. To achieve this aim, however, you’ll need to build followers and engagement (the number of likes, comments, and shares). To encourage this, you should make a point of following similar accounts or those relevant to your business and interacting with their posts. You must post on at least a daily basis, and your posts should be relevant and yet fun, as well as visually arresting whenever possible.

Grab the attention

As hinted above, a dull social media post made up only of text is unlikely to be of any help when it comes to getting your business noticed. We are an increasingly visually oriented society, so your posts should be accompanied by a well-taken photograph or, for even better results, a professionally produced video. Experts in this field such as Beverly Boy Productions, a leading Miami multimedia production company, can help you film longer advertising films for YouTube or your website, or shorter clips that are perfect for social media usage. As the very latest equipment is used, you can be sure of film footage that looks crisp, clean, and colorful, and these are attributes that will catch the eye and imagination of all who see your videos.

These three keys can help you transform your social media presence: create regular posts that are high on photo and video content, interact with other users and build a following, and have a uniform presence on all the major social media platforms. Being a social media powerhouse can help you achieve sustainable growth for your company, whether you sell products or services to the public or to other businesses.

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