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Want to run a wedding business? Here’s how to start


A wedding business can be a lucrative one in this day and age. Since planning a wedding is stressful, couples do love to have someone responsible and experienced handling all the details. This also includes making the right choice when it comes to shopping for bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses from Azazie.

If you’re wondering where to begin, here are some tips on how to get started with a wedding business:

Know the startup cost

Practically speaking, a wedding business is not at all that expensive to set up. You might not even need proper office space, but can work from home and rent a space if needed. Clients are now willing to meet up in restaurants and coworking spaces as well.

Still, there are a few costs you should keep in mind. Even if you have a home office, you should invest in office supplies, a desk, and some dummies for displaying bridal dresses. Besides, you’ll have to hire a marketing professional if this is the first time you’re promoting your brand. That way, you’ll be sure that you’re implementing the right wedding business marketing ideas.

Set your business goals

Since you’re self-employed in this business, you should keep your goals in line. Stay realistic about how much you can earn in a certain period of time. After that, you may concentrate on increasing that amount.

For instance, if you do aim to provide your clients with certain services, make sure the vendors in question are on board. Set some personal goals as well, such as taking a few classes for enhancing your creative skills.

Make a portfolio

Your ideal clients wouldn’t come to you if you can’t show them what you’ve done so far. You can only rely on word-of-mouth so far. If you don’t have anything for your current portfolio, set up a mock wedding to show the clients your talents.

You can also offer some free services in exchange for referrals. However, don’t sell yourself short at any point. One or two freebies should be more than enough to get you rolling in.

Get the first clients

Your first real clients could be a major challenge, but you have to get there somehow. Again, don’t rely on referrals and connections from your friends and family here. Try to sell and advertise your services in as many ways as possible, including sending out emails to newly-engaged couples.

Devise a marketing strategy

Any new business worth its salt will spend a major chunk of their budget on marketing their brand. This is essential, as there’s a lot of competition out there. Marketing is the one thing that could help make your brand name stand out from the rest.

Along with social media, take a look at the traditional marketing channels as well. People are still browsing through bridal magazines for the perfect settings, so you might want to make sure yours is in one as well. You can also attend local wedding conventions. Here, you can meet potential clients or at least some excellent vendors for the future.

Get professional certifications

Acquiring a degree or certification related to event planning can help you run your business better. If you want to pursue something different, you can even search for degree programs in hospitality or even short-term courses from local organizations.

Brushing up on your skills in this manner will help you deal with the various issues that might come up while running a wedding business. It will also serve to impress your clientele and make them place their trust in you.

The takeaway

If you do plan to start a wedding business, make sure that your organization and creative skills are on point. You should also have the drive to planning the perfect wedding as many times as possible. Once you step into this business and get appreciation from clients, you’ll start enjoying your work.

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