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How task management tools help creative and marketing agencies manage work better


Digital marketing agencies face an ever-changing battlefield. As they think they’ve got the perfect battle strategy, the landscape changes and constant evolution is needed to stay ahead of the game.

It isn’t enough to simply rely on emails and sticky notes.

A single customer campaign can be immensely complex. Then, if your business is successful, this could expand to handling complex projects for hundreds or thousands of customers.

Each of these projects could be individual in nature or follow a set service blueprint. Whatever the case, it is vital that they are organized, tracked, and adjustable.

You can’t have things simply locked in, no communication between staff and customers, and then expect the results to be good.

Customers frequently change their minds, or as the online landscape changes, plans need to be able to adjust accordingly.

This is why it is vital for digital agencies to use task management tools to ensure the company workflow is accurate and dynamic.

How task management tools help creative and marketing agencies manage work better

How task Management tools can help digital agencies

Digital agencies, SEO companies, and website development projects all involve many moving parts. A good task management tool can help break down these large lumps of projects into more palatable bites.

Task Management – Enabling staff and clients to set tasks, track progress, update, and review. This is one of the key features and saves a lot of time for organizations.

Team Collaborations – Enabling project-related collaboration between the team and clients.

Project Management Overview – Ideally, a project should be able to be planned out and overseen on an ‘overview’ level, as well as the individual tasks that make it up.

Workflow Systems – Including updating project or task statuses and linking with documentation or records via systems such as Google Docs. This may also include email alerts.

User Role Definition – Allowing managers to manage, customers, to set requests or an assigned employee to see and focus only on the assigned task.

Integration with other apps – Such as using Google to sign in to the tool or for customers to sign up, as well as linking to payment gateways, or other services in an ‘all-inclusive’ service approach.

Automated Emails – Automated email processes are another useful feature of many apps, allowing for notifications, alerts, updates, invoicing and more.

Reports – These should not only help with project management but also areas such as accounting or targets. Reports and alerts should also help to highlight any issues and to keep things moving without the need for constant human intervention and checking.

Accounting Features – Allowing for integrated invoices, bill payment, and cost tracking. This lets all those with access to see exactly where things stand and if anything needs changing.

While all of the above should really be included in a task management tool targeted at creative and marketing agencies, the main thing that they should do is save the company time and money.

If you can’t clearly see how the management tool will help your business be more efficient, cut costs, and save time … then maybe you’re looking at the wrong app.

The right app should make life easier for all involved, reduce problems, and save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on following up and attempting to manually track tasks.

It might seem like a big task and change in itself to take on a task management system and make it a part of your business. But, when done correctly, it can revolutionize the work environment, productivity, and profitability. Just be sure to test things out before you fully commit.

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