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SEO-oh! It doesn’t have to be so hard


We all know what SEO is, but let’s be honest — who actually has a good idea of how to go about improving your professional site’s SEO? As all the various tweaks that are needed to boost a website’s SEO can take quite a bit of time, many entrepreneurs prefer to hire contractors to sort it all out for them. This lets you get on with other important tasks, but it can be incredibly pricey! It really is worth sorting out your SEO yourself. To help you out, here are some great tips for getting it done; many are so simple, you won’t be able to help exclaiming ooohhh!

Read up on it

A lot has been written about SEO, and you will find lots of blog articles, including this one from iPage on the many benefits. It’s a good idea to read a few of these so that you have a good background knowledge of SEO. After all, just knowing what it is isn’t going to help you utilize it as you should. You need to know why you need it and how you can use it to your benefit. So, time to get reading!

Improve local listings

One of the biggest changes in SEO this year is that local listings are now incredibly important; more so than they ever have been in fact. You will find that you can add your business’s details onto location sites, such as Google Maps. It is important that you do add all these details, as search engines are now using these to rank their results. Make sure that your business’s name, phone number, and address are all correct on every location site.

Move to https

Have you ever taken much notice of the letters that precede your website’s URL in the address bar of your browser? If you currently have HTTP, it is important that you make the switch to HTTPS. That is because websites that begin with HTTPS are a lot securer. To try and encourage an improvement in web security, Google announced last year that sites that have HTTPS are going to be given a little boost in website rankings.

Clean up your url

It’s not just a few letters at the beginning of your URL that can have an impact on your website’s SEO. The entire URL can also have a big effect. Ideally, your website address needs to very clean and readable by humans. So, if your current URL looks something like or even, you need to have a clean up. Ideally, it needs to look like Nice and clean and very easy for a human to read!

Get blogging

Still not got a company blog yet?! Why ever not! Blogs are key in improving a site’s SEO, as they can be keyword rich and easily optimized. It doesn’t really matter what you blog about, just as long as it is something that your customers would want to read!

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