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Social media 101: Superficial attention vs valuable attention


There are basically two types of attention generated by online social media interaction. Superficial attention and valuable attention. The smart businesswoman will learn to differentiate between the two.

The first is from posts created purely for a reaction, manipulation purposes, to start an argument or to distract people. The other is organic, this comes naturally from a network and is a response to genuine, productive and sincere social media activity.

Superficial attention

This can be addictive and dangerous to those who fall for it. Just like sugar, it looks so enticing and comes with a promise of satisfaction however it will leave you crashing after the high and left feeling quite empty wondering why you fell for it in the first place.

Some signs of superficial attention prompts online include:

“I really don’t think I like Facebook anymore, I just don’t know if I should stay”

“I had a really bad day but I can’t say why”

“Not sure if this FB group is good for me anymore, should I leave?”

“I can’t believe what has happened to me OMG” but doesn’t elaborate with details

Now in a personal setting, this may be acceptable for discussion with family and friends (who are in a better position to help). However, in business these posts have no purpose other than to entice a reaction and attention. In other words, to waste another person’s time.

If you are in the habit of responding to such posts, you need to ask yourself WHY you are responding. Is it so you feel good for ‘helping’? Are you feeding off the chance to hear potential gossip? Are you procrastinating?

Business is about return on investment. How will your response add value to your bottom line – or even theirs? Don’t get yourself caught up in a whirlwind of another person’s manipulation and find yourself losing an hour or even a full day of your time as a result.

Valuable attention

Now this is a different story. People will organically want to support you, discuss opportunities with you and connect with you when they can see you take yourself (and your brand) seriously, you add value to those around you and you don’t waste people’s time.

The type of person who generates valuable organic attention can often be misunderstood or even called a bitch or cold hearted purely because they get to the point, they don’t play on your emotions (manipulate) and they are a straight shooter.

These are the women you want to associate yourself with. They are worth their weight in gold…. Extremely focused and don’t have time to waste.

Remember – you are the sum of the five people you hang around with – this also means online.

Is it time to re-evaluate what you respond to on social media?

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