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Top 6 benefits of using a social media aggregator tool


Today’s digital world offers vast opportunities for enterprises in terms of marketing and brand promotion. One of these is the optimization of social media pages so they blend well with the users’ reliance on them. Aside from traditional marketing schemes of placing ads on television, radio, or newspapers, businesses tailor their strategies to reach a broader target known as social media users. You can fully take advantage of various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to broadcast and increase customer engagement.

However, unlike traditional marketing strategies, social media postings need to be consistent, informative and engaging. If you are one of those small-scale business owners that struggle with keeping up your page updated and operations running smoothly and effectively, there is a tool that can help you with the task.

What is the social media aggregator tool?

With the advent of social sharing and media streaming platforms, various contents are uploaded every minute for every topic of discussion. Social media aggregator tools curate, collect, and combine content from all platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Aside from curating content, these tools provide aid for scheduling posts and data analytics for a quantifiable indication of your post’s performance.

What are the benefits of social media aggregator tools?

Efficient use of time and financial resources

Since social media has been a crucial part of everyone’s lives, businesses extend their marketing schemes to fit these platforms too. In a nutshell, a compelling social media marketing plan involves engaging, and high-value content wherein users can obtain something. Tools like content aggregators will save you time from creating fresh content since you can utilize what’s already hot and trending in these social media avenues. Of course, social media aggregators aren’t free. However, you can invest in these tools instead of spending on data compilation, research, and analysis.

Encourage users and audience engagement

The value of marketing lies in the connections your business/brand has established. The number isn’t considered as a success nowadays, but, having an increased engagement will put you in a place of motivation. Whenever a business launches a new product, an exhibition, or a limited-time offer service, people can freely post live updates of their opinions, reviews, and experiences. Whether it’s good or bad, this marketing strategy encourages people to speak their minds and participate.

With the help of a reliable hashtag, you can determine the strengths, weaknesses, and feedbacks from the people for the event. Also, you can launch a Twitter or Instagram Wall wherein participants will pose along with their friends and family as an indication of their presence to the event. You can utilize the photographs as advertisements later on and use it as a testament to the success of the activity.

Effective content moderation and curation

A lot of posts are pooled in social media feeds that need moderation. Some of them are irrelevant and will not contribute to the marketing strategy of your business. Since filtering them out can be a daunting task, social media aggregators will moderate them will picking out the ones that add value to your enterprise.

Edge over your competitors

A quick-witted use of these social media aggregators can give you an edge over competing industries. Make sure that you pick a tool that is suitable for your business operations, and it is crucial to put effort into learning the material before using it.

You can keep an eye out for what your competitors share and post, benchmarking on their performance and strategies. Compare their content with what’s yours and get ready to attract their audience as yours.

Eyeing over updating trends

Social media platforms are flooded with trends and updates that change almost instantly. If you want your marketing strategies to be outstanding, you’ll have to keep up with the latest. Social media aggregators will help you keep your composure despite the ever-changing contents and stick to those that matter in the eyes of the audience.

Engagements can lead to sales

Remember what we mentioned a while ago about user feedback and experience? You can utilize user-generated content and use it for your real-life advertising schemes. With the addition of social walls, users, or audience that isn’t aware of your brand will have a chance to see your business.

Heaps of social media aggregators are available for business owners to choose from. However, it is wise to select only the tools that have the features that add functionality and efficiency to your business. Having tons of features might sound really impressive, but you don’t want to pay for something that you don’t really use.

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