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Doing more with less: How small business and solopreneurs can level up


When you work as a small business owner or solopreneur, the lack of people to bounce ideas off or delegate work to is sometimes stifling. Concepts can stay in your head, and not become fully formed. You may also get bogged down with the workload and feel frustrated that the business is not gaining sufficient traction. The trick is to do more with less. Then you can level up by getting ahead quickly.

How small business and solopreneurs can level up

Here are some suggestions about how to do just that.

Use training or coaching for ideas and support

To become better at staying positive and making strides in the right direction, sometimes it’s necessary to get some training or coaching. Don’t admit defeat if you discover that you’re not naturally gifted at staying organized or planning strategically. Instead, boost what you’re capable of by learning how. Look for business trainers who can provide guidance and advice. They’ve usually seen it all before and may have even advised companies working in the same industry. To get a sense of what’s possible with coaching, look at this site:

Add More Structure into Your Day

When you find that you’ve no longer got a boss looking over your shoulder, it requires more structure and discipline to make the most out of each workday. To do so, add more structure and regimentation than you’ve done previously when working solo. Block out time for different projects and the workday as a whole. Doing this should also mean that work won’t get intermingled with your personal life as much. Also, let friends know your new fixed work times so that they disturb you less or expect a slower response. Turn off phone notifications if you need to.

Identify the big wins and invest extra time there

Look at what you’re trying to achieve. Rather than spreading yourself too thin, identify the potential big wins. These are projects or products that you’ll be proud of and can put your little business on the map.  Also, don’t ignore that these wins are often something to highlight through free marketing. Being a guest for some podcast interviews or getting referenced in an article by a journalist (use the HARO program) can work well on a minimal budget.

Make time for exercise to get more energized

When you have a fixed schedule, then there’s time left to get on the treadmill, the spin bike, or for a jog around the park. By getting away from the office, you give your mind a break. The endorphins will help you to enjoy the rest of your day after exercising too. Use the exercise to trim up, become fitter or more flexible, and broaden your horizons.

Sometimes, ideas flow when working out that you never would have had otherwise. Other times, your mind is elsewhere, and it will be something of a release. Not only is it exercise healthy, but it can cut down on stress levels and avoid anxiety rising over business concerns.

It is possible to level up your small business without needing to take on extra employees. Gains are made through focusing on the right places and avoiding losing time with low-return tasks.

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