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How to start an online business


I think there is still a misconception that you can start an online business by building a pretty website and doing AdWords campaigns. That just isn’t enough now, online is so competitive it can be hard to even be noticed.

Build trust

The first tip I would give to someone who is starting an online business is to firstly build trust with your online customer. As they can’t physically see you, you need to reassure your customer that you are the real deal and a simple way to do this is to have a visible address advertised and a phone number that is always answered. I am a big believer in responding to people in ‘real time’. This means that phone calls are always answered, emails are replied to promptly. I go a step further and have a Live Chat App on my website so customers are able to engage with us in real time with instant responses.

Be mobile ready

Make sure that your website is mobile responsive as a large portion of your customers will be connecting with you via a mobile device. Does your site immediately engage with your customer? Stats show that your website must engage your customer within 8 seconds or they will move on to the next site.

Advertising should engage

Given that you only have small window to engage customers, be sure that your advertising links the customer to the area of the website that will be most likely to engage them. For example if a customer is interested in a chandelier and I have advertised chandeliers, I’ll be sure to hyperlink them to the chandeliers section of the site and not the homepage.

Given that we are now so connected with our phones, quite often we can watch tv or read a magazine with our phones right next to us. So don’t feel you can only promote your business online – use other marketing avenues as customers can read about you in the press and simply reach for their device and log on to your site in matter of seconds.

Social media

We are all very visual now so beautiful photography and videos can communicate your message instantly to customers. Social media is fantastic to communicate these images and videos as your sponsored posts can be targeted to your audience with age, interested and location.

Once you attract customers to your site, make sure you have engaged them enough so they have subscribed or at least have a cookie added to them via your remarketing so that you be sure to have access to this customer at a later date. I am a big believer in regular contact with my customers and I make sure that I market to them via email at least every week.

Keep thinking

In order for your website to stand out takes passion and effort. You need to be constantly thinking of ways to engage your customer once they are on the site. It’s a lot of work but it is totally worth it when you receive orders. When your marketing has reached a customer, they have engaged in your site and it has provided enough information so that the customer has enough trust to believe in your products or service that they have entered their credit card details. This is bliss!  To go to your email in the morning and have there be money in your inbox – to me this is a huge privilege and one I appreciate very much.  This is given in trust that you will provide a quality products in the lead time promised.  Respect that this customer has instilled this trust in you and make sure you exceed their expectations.  Be sure not to let them down!

About Bethany James-Best

Bethany James-Best is the founder of luxe homewares e-boutique JAMES SAID. Channelling the Hollywood Regency aesthetic, JAMES SAID has a mission to ‘create beautiful’ in all aspects of life - offering a stunningly curated collection of unique statement pieces and high-end furnishings that redefine the meaning of luxury. A connoisseur of luxe lifestyle and timeless glamour, Bethany found a niche in the Australian homewares market, and having established JAMES SAID just four years ago, the business has continued to grow from strength to strength. Offering 3000+ unique products, a LIVE online concierge and ‘white glove delivery’ service Australia wide,JAMES SAID is certainly shaking up the Australian homewares industry

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