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The stationery store room: Does it still have a place in the office?


Once, the stationery cupboard was a standard in any office. The shelves would be crammed full of notepads, highlighters, and sheaves of paper. What’s more, staff members would be in and out of that cupboard all day long to fetch toner cartridges and other items.

As it stands, the majority of companies still rely on at least some semblance of a stationery cupboard. But, with business focusing increasingly on your website and other computer-based operations, it seems fair to ask whether a stationery cupboard is still relevant. After all, isn’t there more focus on paperless offices now? Every business knows they should do what they can to reduce their paper they. And, that means those sheaves should have become a thing of the past by now, doesn’t it?

While that’s true, there’s a strong argument that stationery storage still has its place. For proof, let’s consider three reasons we still need those trusty cupboards.

Paper isn’t out yet

Many offices are focusing on going paperless. And, there are many reasons for this pursuit, including saving the environment and your funds. But, we still have to a long way to go until an entirely paperless work environment is the reality. Some clients may still prefer their invoices printed on paper. In that case, you’ll need to find storage space for paper AND printer cartridges. So, your cupboard can still find use here. Oh, and let us not forget the staples and paperclips you’ll need to keep two-page invoices in one place. Before long, one paper-based client could use up a decent amount of stationery. And, you need to make sure you have it on hand. The customer is always right, after all, and you can be sure that your competitors will offer the choice.

Stationery helps keep things organized

It’s also worth noting that stationery additions such as post-it notes and highlighters are still necessary to help staff stay organized. Computer programs do provide some organization abilities. But, the increase in the use of Bullet Journals and other methods suggest they aren’t working out. The majority of us operate better when we have visual aids on the desk in front of us. That means your staff are sure to work better if they can write to-do lists by hand, complete with post-its of extra notes. They could even highlight the jobs which need doing first to ensure they tackle work in the right order. You just can’t get that same mental connection to a to-do list when it’s on a screen!

Some staff work better by hand

It’s down to you to provide an office space which suits a variety of working style. And, one such style is working by hand. The action of putting pen to paper is proven to be better for creativity than a cursor on a screen. As such, you may have staff who still rely on notepads and pen supplies to draft out proposals and such. Take that stationery cupboard away, and you’re excluding these people. That’s not going to go down well.

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