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How to stay fit when you have a busy schedule


Fitness tends to an activity that people neglect when life just gets too busy particularly with the convenience of membership freezes! We all have the right intention to undertake a fitness routine and understand its importance, but there’s a way to ensure you can stick to your commitment.

When we put such high expectations on ourselves, we feel like we’re never achieving results. Rather than believing you need to “work out at least an hour everyday”, why not aim small and start with a 15-minute commitment that can turn into a 30 and then 45-minute routine?

To get you started, I have a workout solution for you to find your mojo and get back to making sure you want to incorporate some fitness activity into your day. It’s called FHIT: Functional High Intensity Training.

You can start with a 15-minute low intensity workout and if you stick to a 6-week routine, you’ll notice some positive results for your health and wellbeing.  So, how can we implement fitness into our busy schedules? There are simple tips.

1. Scheduling: set up a fitness diary

Plan which days and times you’ll be fitting in a workout. Be clear about the type of exercise you are going to do and schedule it as a priority on your to-do list in the same calendar as your work one! Treat it like a meeting.

Before you go to bed each night decide what exercise you are going to do the next day. Then select a time that works for you and put it in the calendar diary to remind yourself!

2. Focus on your WHY… purpose drives progress!

You need to understand why you want to exercise so that it has more of a personal purpose to you.  Try and find an emotional connection to your WHY. It’s probably not enough to just to say, “I want to lose weight.” What are the reasons behind this? Ultimately, your WHY must be fulfilling enough to get you up every morning and want to find the time to commit to your daily exercise routine, regardless of how busy you are.

3. Understand why exercise should be a priority

You’re more likely to make exercise a priority in your life if you personally value it. Remember exercise, fitness and wellbeing should be a priority in your life. Be sure to schedule it in to your day, understand your WHY and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise!

About Lauren Hannaford

Lauren Hannaford is a former professional elite gymnast, competing and coaching at a national level for over 20 years with a burning desire to encourage, motivate and inspire people to live fit, active and healthy lives. By 2003, she was the Level 10 Women’s Artistic Gymnastic, All- Round State Champion and has been awarded National vault champion multiple times and a State level triple jumper. Her passion for health and fitness evolved over the years, branching out into personal training, dancing and fitness modelling. Today Lauren is highly sought-after Sydney based personal trainer and founder and creator of the new revolutionary online training program FHIT by Lauren Hannaford. FHIT, Functional High Intensity Training. FHIT features her unique style of physical workouts with a focus on strength and conditioning. Backed by her firsthand experience and knowledge of core gymnastics exercises and skills, FHIT utilises body weight and zero equipment – making workouts easy, equipment free and can be done anytime, anywhere

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