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5 essential things career women should know to protect their health


Women are naturally born caretakers in that in most cases they are trapped in caring for others while forgetting about themselves. Nonetheless, with the rising health issues, it’s high time women took a step forward to ascertain their health wellbeing.

Staying healthy does not only rotate on taking a bath, watching your weight, and looking fresh but rather being on the lookout for common issues — for example, like candida — that can creep up your body without a prior warning. Candida is the natural yeast that resides in your body. It is always referred to as an “opportunistic” due to its no limit spread if under the perfect conditions. This can affect your tissues and organs, not leaving out the kidneys and brain. Invasion of candida can cause lifelong health issue known as systemic candida. High levels of candida are very tricky to cure and can put you on a lifeline.

It’s not uncommon to forget about how many things you need to take care of in your own healthcare. One of those things being your skin, even more so if you have always had troubles with specific problems that bother you, such as to clear away acne. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and help yourself.

We’ve made a list of five important things women should know to protect their health – beginning with all-vital health concern to things to know about the overgrowth.

1. An immune system that weak

Your gut carries over 70 percent of the body immune system cells. This shows why the good bacteria or probiotics, which assists in the maintenance of your gut health, are essential to immunity. The good bacteria also help in controlling candida.

With your gut hoarding almost the most significant percentage of the immune system, low immunity indicates a lack of the good bacteria available that protects you against disease and illness.

If your immune system is deficient because of an illness (in most cases diabetes or AIDS), certain medications (anticancer drugs or corticosteroids), or malnutrition, the Candida fungi will provoke symptoms regularly.

5 Essential things career women should know to protect their health

2, Taking too much sugar in your diet

As a woman, yeast needs “food” to thrive, and it survives off sugar. These sugars range from fruit sugar (fructose) sugarcane (sucrose), carbohydrates and refined sugar not forgetting the fermented sugar found in alcohol. In a nutshell, the higher your sugar consumption, the more you risk-the yeast overpopulate and thrive in your system.

On a lighter note, not every woman who over consumes sugar will have an overgrowth of yeast. But if you have an infected immune system, too much sugar in your diet will lead to an overgrowth of candida.

With that said, alcohol and refined sugar affect immunity which in turn depletes the beneficial gut bacteria.  This leads to building a conducive environment for the overgrowth of yeast in women.

Nonetheless, your symptoms can only be worsened or aggravated if your body has suffered exposure to the factors which lead to yeast overgrowth. Avoid alcoholic substances and high carb consumption. This is due to their characteristic of unbalancing your healthy gut bacteria

3. Chronic stress

Stress has always been underlooked overgrowth of candida cause. Chronic stress can lead to the inflammation of the system, which tires the immune system. A weak immune system leaves your body vulnerable for candida infection.

Having intense stress makes the body to awaken the stress hormones, like the cortisol, which sees you through your situation disturbing your mind.

Cortisol is critical and comes in handy in helping the body cope with life-threatening times. It increases your blood flow and conserves energy, maintaining the levels of your blood sugar. This, in turn, boosts your stamina to run away from an alarming situation.

Cortisol has its downside; it can’t differentiate between your daily stressors and life-threatening moments. This only means that cortisol will be released by your body regardless of what form of stress you have.

Unfortunately, increased cortisol levels increase inflammation; this weakens the immune system which leaves room for a conducive environment for the overgrowth of candida.

5 Essential things career women should know to protect their health4. Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are the primary cause of recurring candida infection. Different research carried out proves that women who use oral contraceptives stand a doubled vaginal yeast infections more so in women in their early 24 years. The exogenous estrogen found in oral contraceptives can enact fungal cell growth.

5. Consistent antibiotic use

Using antibiotics has its limited place and time. Besides they are not choosy when it comes to bacteria that they do away with. Antibiotics also don’t spare the good gut bacteria, yet this bacteria helps in controlling candida overgrowth.


If the lab test came back positive for the fungal infection, or your symptoms convince you that your sickness is because of yeast infestation, well I have good news for you.

You can have it under control by checking your lifestyle and being keen on your diet. We understand that ditching oral contraceptives and antibiotics may not be feasible for you.

That is why being strict with your diet could balance the equilibrium.

Candida infection can be stubborn. You need to be ready to look into your eating routine; this will help you starve the yeast overgrowth and rearm your gut with the good bacteria.

Do away with most kinds of sugar to put candida infection at bay. This makes it starve and strain its survival, hence a healthy lifestyle.

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