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Surround yourself with the right tribe and anything is possible


I used to think one of the main obstacles faced by women in business was gender inequity — being the female minority in a male dominated industry. However, in listening to my clients and from personal experience, I have come to realise that a woman’s biggest career obstacle is being blocked by other women in the office! This must stop. When we try to claw other women down, we all lose out.

It is already hard enough for working women to find their place at the leadership table. We should be genuinely supporting our female colleagues to reach our professional goals. There is great power in being able to shift away from a competitive mindset and move towards an abundance mindset, where there is plenty of room at the leadership table for all of us.

The key is to find your tribe. Surround yourself with a network of like-minded career-women who will boost your confidence and support you, not bring you down.

Here are my 3 top tips to surrounding yourself with the right tribe:

1. Put yourself out there.

To build a great network, you’ve got to go out and make meaningful connections. Don’t limit yourself to networking on line, make the extra effort to connect in-person with like-minded contacts. Surround yourself with positive people who can help you articulate your message. Women’s networking groups, socials and conferences related to your industry provide the perfect opportunity for you to find your tribe and grow your network of support.

2. Speak up.

You are your own best publicist so don’t be shy. The right kind of people will welcome you to share your ideas and areas of expertise. The right kind of people encourage you to let your voice be heard with elegance and confidence.

3. Listen generously.

Successful networking is a two-way street so hone in on your listening skills and try to make a positive impact on another businesswoman’s career. Find out the point of view of your peers and community so you know where you can make a difference. Listen to what other inspiring businesswomen have to say and you may discover invaluable mentors, new friends and potential brand ambassadors. You may also receive valuable feedback that steers you further towards your goals.

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About Melissa Lewis

Melissa Lewis, founder of Style Confidante, is one of Australia’s leading personal brand, image and empowerment specialists. Her 1:1 sessions, corporate workshops and networking events empower professional women to elevate their confidence, visibility, influence and style. For more information, call 0405 440 366 or visit

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