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The importance of internships


As more and more people graduate from university every year, the competition for jobs gets increasingly harder. It can often be hard to figure out what you can do to make yourself stand out against the crowd and get your dream job. This is where internships come in. Internships tend to be available for both undergraduate students and also in the form of jobs for graduates. We are going to focus on undergraduate internships in this article to show you the benefits and drawbacks of getting experience whilst studying.

There are different types of undergraduate internships, some,but not all are unpaid and are very short term, for example over a summer or just a few weeks. Other internships can last a whole academic year with the potential to be in place of regular study. Both of these types of internships are very important and do a lot for students who want to gain experience.


There are lots of benefits to doing internships while you’re still at uni. One of the main benefits is that you are gaining incredibly valuable experience in your field whilst still at university. The earlier you begin doing internships, the more chances you have to get this experience, and this is what is going to set you apart from other graduates in job interviews.

Another benefit to having an internship is that you will be able to build up your skills as well as your contacts. Networking in an internship is vital and can help to get you more experience or even a job in the future.

Not all internships are paid, however if you manage to get one that gives you a bit of extra cash, you might even be able to move into some of the more luxurious accommodation available through websites like Collegiate. This company provide student accommodation in Exeter, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle, London and many more locations, so if you do manage to secure a paid internship and want to live in luxury, check out their website.

The extra cash can also help with bills and buying university suppliesthat you’ve been needing like printers or a new USB drive.


There’s not a lot of drawbacks to getting an internship, however, it is important to consider the effect that it might have on your studies. Doing an internship alongside a university course can be a lot of work and you might find that your coursework starts to suffer. Its important not to let this happen.

Another drawback is the fact that not all internships are paid. Often if you really want to commit to an internship, you’ll need to give up your part time job. This isn’t possible for everyone as university can be so expensive. Sadly, this means that many students miss out on the valuable experience and this is whylegislation is changing so that all internships are paid!

Our verdict

Overall, we think that internships are a great idea and are very important for getting experience before you leave university. If you’ve got yourself an internship you should definitely look at the student accommodation Exeter and other cities like Newcastle or Glasgow have to offer!

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