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You think these habits are making you more productive, but you’re wrong


Workplace efficiency is a top priority for any leader. Properly motivating employees is an important consideration but there’s more to it than that. Small mistakes in the office can add up to something much bigger and bring everything grinding to a halt. These mistakes go unnoticed most of the time and in a lot of cases, they’re things that you think are actually making you more productive. Properly managing your own time and maintaining the office is just as important as keeping your employees motivated. By cutting out these bad practices, you can increase the efficiency of your office tenfold.

Answering emails at home

Everybody thinks that carrying on with your emails in the evening will make you more productive because you’re extending your hours. But in reality, the opposite is true. While you might be getting some more work done in the evenings, it will make you less productive the following day. Without proper downtime, you won’t have time to recharge your batteries and if you go to work the next day feeling like you haven’t had a break, you’ll be less likely to work at full capacity. Staying up answering emails late into the evening will also affect your sleep patterns, making it harder to be productive in the morning. This tiredness will carry over every day and you’ll always be working at half speed.

Checking emails when you get in

Another common email mistake that almost everybody makes is checking them as soon as you get in. Most people don’t even think about it, it’s just their natural reaction as soon as they load up their computer. You think that it makes things run smoother because you’re dealing with problems straight away. However, checking emails immediately will stress you out before you’ve even started working, putting you on the back foot from the beginning. If you wait an hour or two before checking your emails, you can deal with any more pressing matters with a clear head before overloading yourself with extra work.

Not updating equipment

You can motivate your employees all you want but if they’re trying to get work done on an out of date, slow computer, it makes no difference how hard they’re working. If they need to print documents and their nearest printer is broken, they’ll have to waste time crossing the office every time they need to use it. Lots of bosses make the mistake of thinking that they are saving money by not updating or fixing equipment, therefore making the office more productive. But that’s not the case. If you have a problem with equipment, get in touch with somebody like fast zebra repairs to fix it right away. Otherwise you risk slowing everything down. If your computer systems are out of date, it’s worth investing a bit of money in upgrading them so your employees can work to the best of their ability without having to wait ages for things to load up.

Workplace gossip

A good working relationship is important for team productivity but you can take it too far the other day. If you gossip about other people in the office when you’re talking to employees, it will make you feel generally negative about the work environment. This negative feeling will spill over into all of your work and make you far less productive. It’s good to blow off a bit of steam with your co-workers sometimes, but don’t spend all day chatting and gossiping otherwise you’ll be wasting time and making yourself less productive.

Staying at your desk all day

It’s a common misconception that the longer you stay at your desk, the more work you’ll get done. Obviously, if you’re wondering around all day, you won’t get much done, but staying glued to your seat for the entire work day is just as bad. Sitting at a desk is not conducive to creativity or inspiration. The average person also struggles to concentrate for more than twenty minutes on the same thing. A change of pace can keep your mind fresh and maintain concentration. If you’re staring at your screen constantly all day, you’ll get twenty minutes of efficient work and then the rest of the day you won’t be getting any quality work done. The best thing to do is to get up and have a walk around every so often, when you return to your desk you’ll find it much easier to get on with your work.

Working through lunch

Working through lunch is another way that people try to improve productivity because they think they’re getting an extra hour of work in. However, if you don’t eat properly, you’ll be far less productive, and not taking a bit of time out breaks concentration. It’s also a good time to speak to coworkers about non work related matters which helps build better relationships.

These are all things that you think are helping you to get more work done, but in reality, you’re just slowing yourself down. Cut out these bad habits and you’ll see productivity shoot up in no time.

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