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Tips to rent an Office in Dubai


We understand that the game of entrepreneurship is not easy, one always has to be on one’s toes constantly, to ensure that each and everything is streamlined smoothly with the pinnacle of each aspect of the business. The main particular issue about running a business in the place, such as Dubai is to ensure that you have the right platform, amenities, and functionality.

One can understand that with the emergence of the EXPO 2020 that has loomed over many startups opening their gates in Dubai to take advantage off of it, one can witness an elevation in the prospectus of the demand for commercial as well business properties in the emirate. With that, people are inclined to rent commercial properties in Dubai instead of opting for an option of buying offices, the spaces or showrooms, especially during the initial steps of setting up your own business.

If you are thinking of taking the first steps into entrepreneurship, here’s our detailed guide for renting an office in Dubai.

How to find the right location for renting the commercial and estate properties in Dubai

When you choose the place to rent offices in Dubai, there are several things to take into primary consideration. Many types of commercial licenses available are running their businesses in the land of Dubai.

Based on the license that you might need to identify what areas are suitable for renting, for instance, if you deal with Tecom free zone license, one should have their commercial workspace in that particular area. One should also think about the viability of the business and the choice of the location.

If it’s a showroom for the potential walk-in customers, verify if the area is accessible to the right kind of audience and if there is enough footfall? See if you can accommodate enough employees in the space and calculate the possible parking situations for your employees. Ensure that you research the location till the end when it comes to renting workplace in Dubai. This can have a huge impact on the success of your business itself. 

Always take professional advice while renting commercial properties in Dubai

When choosing a place to rent an office in Dubai, one must consult a real estate agent for a possible way out, suggestions and advice. There are plenty of legalese which is associated when you rent commercial properties in Dubai, especially if you deal in the F&B industry or sector of healthcare.

It is important to work with a real estate agent so that you are given the right advice when choosing to rent a commercial property in Dubai. They also know the trend of the market, the average price, and other general trends. They can also discuss and negotiate on your behalf and bet on the best deal as they are in sync with the daily market shenanigans. Always prepare a list of questions about the office for rent in Dubai before you meet the designated agent, which includes the information about the number of checks, accessibility to public transportation, potential permissions, and other factors.

Ensure the paperwork and budget

Like all real estate transactions, which include commercial rentals, and this is regulated by Ejari, one must ensure to make sure all the terms and conditions are mentioned in the contract to avoid any disputes in the future. If the choice of the commercial property needs any specific modifications, like installations and constructions of cubicles and so on, one must mention in the contract.

Make sure all the information about your business is correctly registered in the contract, with the nature of the business, clarity should be maintained and no dispute should be caused. Transparent demarcation should be in the pipe of commercial properties in Dubai; an office cannot double up like a warehouse and vice versa. One must have all the documentation, processed and ordered; with the ownership proof, premises status, and compliance of the premises with the existing plans, availability of the permits to use the premises.

Also take into consideration the important things like budget, before you actually rent a commercial property in Dubai, ensuring that no investment or requirement makes your decision-  a complete turnover. Make sure that you also consider the deposit amount and figure out all the hidden costs while you point the decision. One must research all potential elevation in cost and availability of the rent, based on the RERA index, so one is prepared for the unexpected results while renewing the tenancy agreement for your office in Dubai.


There are so many things to complete after you agree on the lease for renting any commercial property. One should look at the facility of electricity and water connection, detailed contents of the property and the aspects of insurance against damage and other aspects that can help you in maintaining the continuity of the business. Many arrangements need to be made for completing the interior decor of the office space. If the property is not a fitted (shell and core property, meaning there is no furniture or fittings) one needs a specialist to handle the interiors of the office space. It is important to account for the costs that are related to all the other aspects while you rent a commercial lease in Dubai.

We know that starting a business is not an easy task, finding the perfect location for your office, warehouse or the store is just one way to ensure a ready ignition of your new venture.

Be sure to pay a special need to all of the other factors when you rent commercial properties in Dubai. If you have any specific queries about any commercial leasing, don’t hesitate to pen down any query or contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any niche.

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