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Four tips to save money on corporate travel


In the modern commercial world, more businesses than ever are jetting off abroad in order to meet up with a client, deliver training or pursue a sales opportunity. Any company or employee who is regularly tasked with taking on this responsibility will probably find themselves wondering how they can cut back on costs and still maintain a comfortable travel experience. Here are four tips to do just that.

Enquire about delays and cancellations

If your flight is delayed, it’s well worth checking up on airline policies as there’s every chance you could be due compensation if your plane doesn’t arrive on time. Most of the big passenger airlines are required by law to offer passengers at least €250 if a delay lasts longer than three hours. Specialist websites like Flightright help collate information across a wide range of airlines, such as these easyJet flight delay and cancellation policies, for example. They also offer an online calculator to allow passengers to easily check their eligibility for compensation. The site has been running for eight years now and is constantly adding to its library of passenger rights and airline policies.

Be smart about booking

The cost of all those airline tickets can soon rack up if you’re not careful about the sites and airlines through which you book. Check out comparison sites like Skyscanner as it can certainly be useful to view the availability and price of flights through a range of different airlines in just a single search. Flexibility on dates is also a big plus so, if possible, it’s worth having a look at cost-effective points in the calendar before confirming an exact date for the trip with all those involved. Signing up to airfare promotions and airline alerts is also another way to spot discounted rates as soon as they’re released to the public.

Consider the cost of hotels

We all want to live in the lap of luxury if possible, but bear in mind that room rates can vary a tremendous amount throughout the year, even in the same hotel. There are a whole host of possible options when it comes to booking accommodation, so it’s worth comparing all avenues before deciding on one. Most businesses tend to look for a hotel through comparison sites like Trivago or, although why not consider a short-term Airbnb stay in a furnished apartment? It might save you a bit of money during off-season dates.

Set a clear travel fund

For any company that regularly sees the need for corporate travel, it might be worth setting aside a standard travel fund for any business trip that covers the cost of accommodation, food and drinks. You might even offer the people travelling to make the final decision on where they’d like to stay while they’re away. This inspires a greater sense of autonomy and trust among employees, and it might even save a bit of hassle for managers during the planning process.

So, there we have it, four essential tips to save money on corporate travel. Just remember to do your research before booking the next trip!

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