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6 Tips to get started in the medical supplies business


Even though the healthcare industry may seem to be nothing but doctors and nurses, there are plenty of other jobs out there that are involved in healthcare. One of those is the medical supplies business.

You might see this type of work under many other names, such as medical sales, medical devices, or medical equipment sales. There are some slight differences between the, but you’ll still be visiting plenty of hospitals and clinics. It’s up to you to achieve the title of Medical Sales Queen.

A job in the medical sales industry is a profitable and booming business. Many people aren’t sure how to go about getting started, but today we’re going to be presenting a small guide to help you get underway.


While you may feel like you have to study medicine, chemistry, biology, or even go to medical school, the truth is there is no “perfect” education path for becoming a medical sales rep.

Like other sales jobs, plenty of companies simply look for the right people for the job. Those that are adaptable, have excellent communication, are team players, and able to receive plenty of nos before receiving a yes. There are certifications that you will have to obtain, but that is further down the line.

It’s certainly not going to hurt to have a science or medicine based education, but it is far from necessary.

Choosing a specialization

Just like doctors and nurses, you’re going to have to choose a specialization you’re going to focus on. Once you have that specialization, you’re going to have to commit to it fully as medical sales requires a huge commitment from any individual.

There are plenty of different specializations to go into, you just need to find one and make sure you’re passionate about that particular field and those products. You’re going to be talking about them in your sleep after a while.

Improve other skills

While you might have plenty of sales experience or have yourself signed up for other seminars, you might need to improve other areas of your profile as well.

Even though some sales are purely “point and buy”, others may involve consultation or training for those working at the clinic or hospital. If you’re planning on starting your own business, you might need to work on your marketing and billing skills.

It helps to have a well-rounded profile when applying for jobs or striking out on your own.

Become the world’s best researcher

Once you feel like you have a specialization chosen and a path laid out, it’s time to learn everything possible about the industry. You need to turn into a researching fiend. Talk to others in the industry, shadow people, take other reps out to lunch, scour the internet, and be as productive as possible.

You should know about trends, products, and everything in between. Be ready to answer questions about why has fantastic adhesive dispensers. Consider yourself a walking Wikipedia of knowledge.

Build up your network…

It may surprise you that the majority of jobs are not posted online. So where do these jobs come from then? Many jobs are posted in-house or acquired through relationships. Even if you’re scouring the job boards and LinkedIn every day, you may never find that one perfect job.

You should be working on your network, building up the “it’s not what you know, but who you know” aspect of your work. Cold call people, talk to friends and family, and even browse through your LinkedIn connections to find someone you may know or know someone that may know someone.

But don’t forget about your resume and online presence

One of the first places potential job recruiters look is LinkedIn and online to judge a candidate’s profile. If you don’t have a LinkedIn page, you should have created one about four years ago even with limited job experience.

It helps to have an online presence where recruiters can have a strong reference point for you. Be sure to clean up your resume as well, highlighting any relevant skills and abilities, using professional language, and making it as easy to read as possible. Most job recruiters don’t take more than 30 seconds to read over a resume.

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