5 Kick ass tips for women in leadership


Women in leadership has been a hot topic of debate for several years now. Whilst the world has seen a good number of women leaders such as Indra Nooyi (Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo.), Mary Barra (Chairman and CEO, General Motors), Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook) to name a few. These and other few women have been successful in driving governments, corporations and a myriad of businesses to great altitudes.

Unfortunately, they constitute a small percentage only in the corporate world and are still under-represented when it comes to top management and positions.Also, it is often a strenuous and slow journey for women to reach at the apex.

Looking at the brighter side, we can always look up to the successful women in leadership that are a perfect example of perseverance, diligence and dedication. So how do you as a woman can break the glass ceiling for your journey to the top.

Here are five surefire tips for all those emerging women leaders:

  1. Never let go the woman in you!

One of the worst thing a woman can do is to think or act like a man to make her way to the top.  Understand that you don’t have to enact a man. Sticking to your sensitivities and perspectives can work great to change the way others respond to various business issues. A woman when becomes an active member of the senior management or team also gets the opportunity to flip the dynamics for the betterment of the organization.

  1. Join groups of like-minded wonder women

Choose a fine mix of women from outside your organization and ensure to that forum for brainstorming and solving business problems. A peer network or forum is extremely helpful when used for discussing real problems and assisting fellow group members for finding creative solutions. This does not mean to join or create a group of women who hate women. Though hating men might appear satisfactory for a moment, it is simply futile and adds no value when it comes to contributing to your leadership abilities.

  1. Challenge the existing state of affairs

You have all the rights in the world in that boardroom meeting, because your views and opinions are distinct and important especially when you are the only woman in the bunch. Express yourselves and always challenge the existing state of affairs at work. Trying to conform to the norms of a senior management team will only uphold previous performance levels of yours. Long story short, you can definitely make a difference by perceiving issues with a fresh eye.

  1. Understand that change needs a vision

One of the greatest laws of change states that change needs a vision. Many efforts to change often tend to fail, because leaders fail to connect them with a vision, which should help to perceive the future worth of efforts made today. Leaders who master this skill tend to have a devoted commitment to their vision. Further, welcoming regular feedbacks help them to navigate through various problems that may come on the way. Poor leaders on the other hand are afraid of receiving feedbacks. For women in leadership making their vision a top priority infers that they are ready for feedbacks be it negative or positive.

  1. Don’t let your inner voice die

Each time you smell a possible improvement in the business, it is time to act. Be it a new change to an existing operation, new initiative, new ways of attracting talent or new idea for product,you would require amassing certain amount of courage, since you will have to challenge the perceptions of your colleagues and win the trust of key stakeholders. In addition, you will come across “no” than a “yes”, so better to have the courage to pursue your intuition and heart.


If you make it the senior management team or position, always remember the power of gratitude and modesty. Refrain from looking down on anyone unless you are offering them with a helping hand. Great leaders carry the responsibility of helping others around themselves improve. Strive to be a people’s leader.

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