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5 ways to get out of your comfort zone


For many people, having a Bucket List is motivation for stepping out of the mediocre daily grind and going on an adventure that, for a space of hours or days, gives them the thrill of being and doing everything they’re truly capable of.

What if you could live your whole life from this energy? Constantly asking for and adding more to your life?

I’ve always refused to buy into the Tall Poppy syndrome even when it was projected at me. After I travelled extensively at 19, people said, “Well, it’s good you got that out of your system,” as if three years of travelling was the be-all and end-all. I was just beginning! I then worked in an import and export business so I could travel. Even now, l haven’t got the travel bug out of my system, I just do it better by flying business or first class as much as possible. Why settle for anything less than the best?

This is truly not about materialistic greed, accumulating money or buying a new car. For me it’s about the love of creation and having fun with what I’m capable of creating in the world because it is ok to want more.

If you have written one book, why not write another? The same is true with business. One business doesn’t have to be enough. You don’t have to give up one business to start another. You can have as many as you want.

In Australia we are generally optimistic about the future; but according to a recent survey only 23% say we are definitely or mostly living the dream.  Interestingly, four out of five people believe in their personal ability to create their dream life.

What do you stop for?

If you find yourself not wanting more, realize that is a choice you have made. Pay attention to your reasons for this. Is it because you’ve done enough? Or have you decided you’re too old, or you’ve got a family now, you’re a man or a woman, you don’t have the right qualifications… I wrote a book called Joy of Business even though I don’t have a business degree. When you’re willing to be aware of your choice, you can change it.

Here are some common myths that people use to stop themselves from demanding more.

I don’t want to be arrogant

It takes a level of arrogance to acknowledge your capacities and how great you can be, because how many people will agree with you?  Most people will knock you down. I know what I would like to create in the world and I know where I’m heading. Even when others say that I’m living a pipe dream, or it isn’t possible. My arrogance is the willingness to put myself out there and be everything I can be, to empower others so they can be everything they can be.

I don’t know enough

You don’t have to know everything— but you do have to educate yourself. Surround yourself with experts in what you want to create and ask them questions. Remember you are the source of creation, not money or anyone else. If you want to start a new business then ask, “How do I make this happen?”

I’ll only be told ‘no’

Be audacious in what you ask for and don’t be afraid of the word “No”. NO is just no. Be willing to step outside the box and ask, What else is possible? You may find yourself making irrational choices. The most successful people and businesses around the world are willing to be irrational. It isn’t wrong; irrational simply means you don’t base your choices on reasons and justifications, but on what you know you can create.

I don’t know where to start

You have to take action every single day, even if it’s making a bunch of phone calls. You can’t sit on the couch, watching Biggest Loser while drinking beer and expect to lose weight. There is nothing more annoying than someone who talks about what they want and never takes action.

What if I don’t enjoy it?

Take time to savour things. What did you like? Have some more of that. If there are parts of a business you don’t enjoy, find someone else to do them. Treat life as a marathon, not as a sprint. Be patient and allow things to unfold.

If you are worried about working too hard, don’t be. Acknowledge that you’re sensible enough to know when you require space. I always know when I need to go for a hike, or go to bed early. Last Christmas, we went on a 10-day skiing holiday to Japan, but by the fourth day we’d had enough. This idea that you need time off because you work too hard is a fallacy.

About Simone Milasas

Simone Milasas is the Founder and Creator of Joy of Business as well as the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness® which operates in over 170 countries. Simone is the author of the internationally acclaimed bookJoy of Business (currently available in 13 languages) and recently released her new book Getting Out of Debt Joyfully. Sign up for her 3-part free video series, Putting the Fun Back in Business by going to Twitter handles: @simonemilasas and @joy_of_business

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