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How to improve your work environment and office atmosphere


According to a recent research, every year, 400 Japanese workers die at their desks from being overworked. The term is referred to as ‘Karōshi’ in Japan and ‘Gwarosa’ in South Korea, which means ‘death from being overworked.’ The medical causes of these deaths are strokes and heart attacks from stress.

It’s a real phenomenon, which can affect your working environment if you aren’t careful. Your staff is always under pressure of rushing to not only meet your organization’s goals but also increase productivity levels.

Pressure on your employees to deliver only causes increased stress and anxiety levels. Your main objective is optimizing efficiency while at the same time reducing stress, which can lead to the Karōshi phenomenon. What do you need to do to avoid stress-related deaths? Improve your work environment. The next question you’ll ask is HOW?

Well, it’s quite simple. Your workplace doesn’t only involve the building/s but the people who you work with (environment). Below are two easy ways tailored to improving work environment.

Automating your office

I know you are going. “Automate what?” yeah, automating your office is one of the way aimed at improving the overall atmosphere of your office. The term ‘automate’ is not about robots or some futuristic thing; it’s all about making work efficient. How do you automate your office? By using, a small and smart electromechanical device called an electric linear actuator. Its implementation is used for both equipment and furniture making work easier. Let’s dive in and see where actuator implementation takes room in your office.

Improve lighting and ventilation

This is your first, or you could say your primary source of natural ventilation and light. Improving lighting and ventilation plays an important part in your workers’ overall performance and mood. In an article published on online MBA program stated that subjection to natural light enhances mood and energy, affecting greatly focus and efficiency.

If natural illumination isn’t possible for whatever reason, you may opt for light bulbs, which are blue-enriched. Why blue? Because blue reduces fatigue, increases performance and happiness. In your meeting, break and brainstorming rooms, try to use mellow tones for relaxation and calmness promotion. Use middle tones for conference rooms as they not only welcome staff but also keep them on alert.

For ventilation, there’s the window opener. It automates the opening and closing process of your window modifying your office’s temperature. Natural ventilation and fresh air enhance mood increasing productivity.

Modify workstations

Perhaps, this is one of the most important things you ought to consider doing. Remember, employees spend 7-8 hours sitting at their desks making them dormant which leads to health issues. Stress and obesity are the outcomes of long working and uncomfortable workstation.

How to improve your work environment and office atmosphere

So what could you do to improve your workstations? You turn to sit-stand desks. Sit-stand desks have a long history from the 1800s. Now, you have the option of an adjustable sit-stand desk. It’s an automated desk, which switches from sitting to standing mode in less than 15 seconds implementing actuators. This is just one way to improve office environment.

You’re wondering, how does it help? Well, the benefits are:

Reduces the risk of being obese

Renowned researcher for standing desks James Levine from Mayo Clinic conducted a study on various workers groups. The individuals were asked to add an intake of 1,000 calories to their daily meal and stay stationary. Some of them put on weight while others didn’t.

As curious as he was, Levine knew that something was going on with the certain group that didn’t put on weight. He and his team inserted sensors in the volunteers’ undergarments tracking their daily activities. What he found was startling. Those that sat a lot gained weight but those who moved around never gained additional weight.

What was Levine’s conclusion? Standing is useful to obtain optimum health. And a standing desk is the way to go as an individual burns 50 more calories in an hour than when seated.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Lack of physical activity is related to contracting breast and colon cancer. A 2011 study concluded that 43,000 colon and 49,000 breast cancer cases yearly were due to prolonged sitting. Although inconclusive, the study also shed light on lung, prostate, endometrial and lung cancer connection to long sitting times. There’s no definitive answer as to why prolonged sitting causes these types of cancers. But there’s a possibility that an increase in C-reactive protein was found to be the cause in those who sat for long hours.

Extended life

It’s evident that the rise in mortality is connected with sitting which causes obesity, diabetes, various types of cancer. The 2011 study concluded that the life expectancy of Americans increases by two years if only they observed reduced sitting time by half, meaning they should stand at least three hours.

Improved posture

A standing desk is a good option for creating an ideal work environment because it reduces your eyes from straining and improves posture. Setting up the desk is equally important to obtain optimum results though. Your computer monitor should be set slightly above your eye level making you strain just a little when making contact. Standing improves strengthens your bones creating a rigid posture.

There is quite a number of suggestion for improvement of your work environment. You have to decide what works and doesn’t work to ensure you have a vibrant and happy staff. Employee movement like taking short breaks or the basics the 20-20-20 technique to prevent eyestrain needs enforcement. An improved environment yields great productivity and profits.

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