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Top future careers for women


Ever wondered what tomorrow’s job market will look like? With more roles predicted to be replaced by robots, the future looks bleak for many job types. Finding a secure and well paid job means investing in the future and becoming the mind behind tomorrow’s tech innovations. Already we have a good idea of industries that are certain to take off. Here are a few careers that may be worth considering for those eager to embrace the future.

Software development

Have some coding knowledge up your sleeve? There’s always going to be a market for new software systems and apps. As these become cheaper to build, companies of all sizes may start investing in apps for their business.

Apps are coming in that could replace table service in restaurants. Shops may allow users to scan items with apps to find out their price and any other details on their origin. Those with programming experience are already in demand and as software and apps become more elaborate, bigger teams of programmers will need to be employed to create these.
In fact, Maryville University cites that “by 2024,1.1 million computing-related jobs openings are expected.” Therefore, software development degree holders are in an excellent position to find a place in a rapidly growing field where career possibilities are wide and varied. Rise to the top in your field and you’re likely to enjoy a cozy six figure salary.

Cloud computing

People are no longer cramming up their hard drives with data, instead storing it on remote cloud servers where there is greater space and security. More cloud servers are constantly being built and more people are going to be needed to engineer and maintain these.

As hackers realise fewer people are storing data on their hard-drives and more are turning to the cloud, security will constantly have to be stepped up to stop hackers breaking into these cloud servers. Already teams of digital security experts are developing more and more advanced ways of protecting these cloud servers. Getting involved in this side of technology could have you a stable career for life.

Smart technology

More and more household devices are becoming connected to the internet. Smartphones were the first to make the transition, but now there are smart TVs, smart refrigerators and smart kettles. By being connected to Wi-Fi, these devices can be remotely controlled. From your phone, you can download movies onto your TV, check your fridge for items instead of writing out a shopping list and boil your kettle from your bed so that when you go down to the kitchen in the morning, your fresh brew is ready to pour.

Known as the Internet of Things, this digitisation of household items is thought to reach a new level in the future. Smart cities may become a reality, with monitors in place to prevent traffic jams, public transport delays and weather damage. We may even be connected to the internet through monitors in our bodies, telling us when we are sick and how to seek treatment.

Data analysis

Computers can now process large amounts of data that were previously incalculable. The internet has also given room to more readily available data than ever before. This has introduced a new role known as data analysis or data science. By analysing these huge amounts of data, data analysts are able to find trends and then turn these into algorithms.

For example, a marketing company might use a data analyst to find out where visitors to a website are coming from, what their age is, what location they’re from and which keywords they entered to get there. This data can then be turned into an algorithm so that web ads can be placed in all the most likely places that visitors are going. In the financial sector, a data analysts might be able to use huge swathes of financial figures to find trends and then be able to make cuts, saving a company money. A system could be put in place that is automated in order to automatically make cuts and stop spending going over a certain amount.

As time progresses, we will have more and more data to work with. More data will find its way onto the internet, more companies will start working financially with billions instead of millions and the population will continue to grow. Teams of data analysts will be needed to work with these mass figures and turn them into profit.

Digital marketing

Marketing online has become more important than ever before. New methods are constantly being developed to match the changing face of the internet. PPC (pay-per-click) ads and SEO (Search engine optimisation) are some of the biggest areas. By strategically placing ads and finding ways to improve one’s rankings on search engines such as Google, companies reach a greater amount of potential clients online. Social media meanwhile has become the newest focus of marketing, with some companies even paying marketing companies to take over their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Digital marketing executives can already easily achieve six figure salaries. As more businesses turn their focus online, more digital marketing companies will be needed to meet the demand. New methods of cutting through the masses of data will be trialled and tested. For creative minds, this is definitely the area to be involved in.

Top future careers for women

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Green technology

More and more people are actively reducing their carbon footprint. Sales of solar panels, electric cars and insulation are going up every year and laws and incentives are constantly being introduced to convert people to these energy-efficient methods. Getting involved in green trades could make you a hefty profit. Investors are now turning away from oil and looking to renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power. Whilst wind farms may cost money to set up initially, it’s been proven that they cost very little to maintain. Profits are looking to be huge, especially as more and more electricity is rerouted to these wind farms. For those that want to make money, but also want to feel like they’re giving back at the same time, renewable energy could be the way to go.

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