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Study business: Top college universities to study business courses


This guide outlines the best colleges and universities to enrol in to study business courses and education.

There is a clamor for learning to upgrade business skills, particularly as more people look to upskill to face the new economy after the pandemic. Since the competition nowadays is so tight and the market is already saturated with a lot of brands and well-established companies, there is a need to gain an edge and this starts by choosing a school where you get your business degree — and now is the time to look at studying online where possible.

Best places to study business in the USA

Here are the top college universities in the US at which to study business courses, and how you can take advantage of studying online:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is best known for its engineering programs but the university actually has a school dedicated to the business called the Sloan School of Management. This business school is considered to be one of the most selective in terms of student admission in the world. They focus on the importance of innovation in practice and research called action learning which urges students to make real-life applications of the concepts they learn in the classroom.

A lot of influential ideas regarding management, just like mentioned in, originated in MIT Sloan and they take pride in their faculty which is composed of a lot of notable figures in business. They also offer one of the best business school libraries which provide extensive resources to their students. They have a well-known MBA program attended by students from all over the world. They also offer Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees which are hugely popular as well.

Harvard Business School

HBS has been consistently known to be one of the top schools in the world to study business. Their postgraduate programs are among the most revered in the industry. They also own a publishing house that produces some of the best business schools, case studies, leadership articles, and their monthly Harvard Business Review. Even though this is only intended for postgraduate, you can refer to a Bachelor’s Degree Guide which lets you know the appropriate degrees that can build a strong foundation for when you go for your MBA or Doctorate degree.

Not only do they cater to students but they also have a specialized program for senior executives called the Advanced Management Program which is a residential program that helps its students attain the highest form of leadership. This program is very effective and compact as well as it runs for only seven weeks. There are other programs aimed at already experienced entrepreneurs.

University of Pennsylvania

Penn houses the oldest collegiate school of business known as Wharton School.  They also have the largest network of alumni in the US. They only admit less than 10% of applicants each year which is among the most competitive in the world. For a bachelor’s degree, they offer the major of Economics and MBA for postgraduate. Both degrees can choose from a variety of majors including Finance, Economics, and Nursing. Their graduates are among the most employable right after graduation where some proceed to further studies or even to law school.

Best MBA business courses

But which are the best universities to study business MBA courses? This is a very important choice and one that can determine many aspects of your future. To help with the mission, here is a complete list of the world’s most recognized business courses institutions that you can’t miss.

University of Miami

Founded in 1825, the University of Miami has established itself as one of the best universities to study business in an MBA. As it is considered a hub of innovation, it is a reference in the areas of Medicine, Law, Science and Communication, but, above all, it stands out in the field of Business. There are more than 16 thousand students from around 150 countries around the world present at the institution, which has almost 300 different programs between undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.

The Miami Executive MBA for the Americas business courses program has on-site modules on the Miami campus, which involve case studies, group projects and even lectures and events with internationally renowned executives. The meetings are held every eight weeks, which is why special guidelines are provided to encourage distance learning. All exercises focus on opportunities and challenges facing the Americas, particularly Latin America, and its most growth-prone markets.

Ohio University

In business since 1804, Ohio University is one of the most traditional educational institutions in the United States. It has more than 250 undergraduate and 75 postgraduate courses, with international recognition for encouraging academic production, especially in research sectors. For this reason, it is highly sought after by students who wish to study business MBA courses. The content of this type of course undergoes an annual review to keep it updated according to market changes.

In addition to the courses taught, the Ohio University MBA offers case discussions to encourage the exchange of experiences, and also offers other complementary programs that can be taken during this period of study. Marketing , Project Management and Leadership are some of the most popular areas within this educational institution, which also often provide scholarships for its international students. To have a good experience at this university, it is recommended to have advanced and fluent English. But in some cases a technical business English course can also be included in the curriculum.

The University of Akron

When it comes to influence, The University of Akron is one of the first to be cited to study business. It works with around 300 undergraduate and graduate programs. There are more than 23,000 students on its campus, which has around 80 buildings and an admirable infrastructure. Currently, the institution is in the Top 50 of the best American public universities. As if that wasn’t enough, its MBA business courses are among the best in the country, according to the CEO Magazine.

The business courses in the field of Marketing and Management are two of the most acclaimed by students around the world. The curriculum for both is very well structured, with general business disciplines that can be further narrowed down to a specific area of ​​interest. In this way, it is possible to complete MBA studies abroad with full preparation to face the various uncertainties and challenges of the market and to manage organizations in critical and transforming moments.

San Ignacio University

San Ignacio University is also located in Miami and is fully focused on short-term programs to study business. The areas of focus are International Business, Business Management, Marketing, Hospitality Management and Culinary. All professors at the institution are highly qualified and have significant experience in their fields of expertise. There are more than 50 years of work and dedication to provide professionals from various countries with quality courses.

The region in which it is located is considered an investment hub, fully prepared to house innovative ventures . The university’s MBA program prepares its students to deal with the managerial and strategic challenges presented by market changes and offers the option of different specializations with specific learning outcomes. The course duration is estimated at approximately 42 credits, a value that can increase or decrease according to the student’s interest.


Choosing the school you go to study business can greatly affect your future. These schools are some of the most competitive ones offering some of the most valuable courses for business. Success in earning a degree in any of these schools can make sure that your future in business will be fruitful.

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