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Using boredom to your advantage


Have you ever struggled with boredom with your business?  If so, you are not alone.  Sometimes it is fleeting, however, when it lingers it is telling you something needs to change.  The good news you can use boredom to your advantage as fuel for creative change.

One thing that boredom can indicate is that the adventure has gone out of your business. Don’t allow yourself to be complacent.  Instead use it as motivation to embark on an adventure to discover what you really want your business to look like and what you desire your role in it to be.  When you continually create your business, allowing it to be mutable, you have an advantage.

How do you use your boredom to create a fulfilling, exciting and dynamic business?

1. You are not wrong!

Don’t fall into the trap of judging yourself for what isn’t working.  It will not change anything when you make yourself wrong.  You won’t be happier with your business and the judgement will kill future possibilities.  It is difficult to see options that are there for the choosing when your focus is on problems.  Ask a question instead.

2. Ask questions, ditch the conclusions

You can ask: What is this boredom telling me? What else is possible, that I haven’t considered?  What do I enjoy in regards to my business?  What parts of my business aren’t fun for me? What would I really like to create with my business?  Have fun with it. Ask questions that start with “what” or “how,” those that start with “why,” will send you in a loop and offer no real awareness.  Ask from a space of wonder about what you will discover.  If you start from conclusion you will get nowhere. Be curious and look for the awareness you get when you ask.

Trust that you know what works for you and your business.

Many people will have points of view about your business and how it should look. Trust what you know despite that.  How do you know when you are on the right track?  Start paying attention to what seems heavy or light to you. What is heavy is always a lie for you, what is light is true for you.  Use this when you ask questions.  You will have a clearer sense of what to choose.

4. Use your innate talents and preferences to your advantage.

we all have natural tendencies some of us are morning people, some of us are night people. While some of us need to be outdoors as much as possible.  Look for what parts of your business are aligned with your gifts and talents and do more of those things. Can you structure your day differently, or give some of your tasks to someone else who may enjoy it more? Sometimes a simple shift will create renewed interest.

5. Experiment with something different!

Allow your business to be fluid.  And, don’t be afraid to make big changes. One key to having a successful business is staying engaged and curious.  Always be willing to add, remove and change elements of your business.  If you try something new and it doesn’t work, ditch it or tweak it so it does. Instead of judging it as a failure look for the information it is giving you.

Ask: If I were creating my business for ease and enthusiasm, what would it look like?

Is there something you could add to, or remove from, your business that would make it more fun for you?  Perhaps there is a service, product or information you have thought about having as part of your offerings. Be willing to play, try something new, it might just be what was required to jumpstart your interest.

Approaching your business with a “now what? or what’s next?,” attitude can open doors of possibility that allow you and your business to change together.  Staying bored isn’t going to give you a life you love.  If you allow your business to be fun, creative and changeable, you will have an advantage.  You and your business will be an invitation; people will be interested because you are.  Are you ready to have more fun?

About Gabrielle Vena'

Gabrielle Vena is a life coach and business mentor with a background in counselling psychology and psychotherapy. She is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Being You and Joy of Business and is a certified practitioner in Reiki and Integrative Energy Therapy.

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