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Want to open your business in another country? Here’s the scoop


If you have a business in your country of birth, you may want to expand your business by opening one in a foreign country. However, things can change a lot from country to country, and something that works well in your own country may not work as well at all in another one.

Here, we’re going to talk about opening a business in another country and what you need to know! Here’s the scoop…

Picking your destination

When you decide you want to open a new business in another country, you have to be absolutely sure that you’re choosing the right location. Where are you when you picture this in your head? Who are you with? What is the climate like? You want to get really clear on the sort of business this is and where abouts you are.

Once you have a clear vision, it’s time to look at countries that may fit that description. You want to look at things like health insurance, business insurance, and important things to watch out for in the area too. Before you solidify your decision, work through the rest of this guide so you can make an even better choice.

Researching best business practices

Researching best business practices is your next step. Things like laws, practices, banking, taxation, and other elements can all vary from country to country. You may be able to set up a business in one single day in one country, while it could take weeks or months to set up a business in other countries. Make sure you carefully study the laws and requirements for countries you’re interested in before you move and open up. Figure out how much it’ll cost you to acquire property, incorporate, and actually begin working on your new business.

Study the cultural differences of the place you want to open up in

Different things are popular in different countries. You want to study the cultural differences of the countries you’re interested in to make sure there’s actually a market for them. You want to ensure that there’s a real need for your business and that people will respond well to it if you do decide to open it up.

However, you also want to explore other differences. There are language barriers, social interactions, and other things to consider. Taking a few short trips abroad will help you to get your bearings so you can learn more about the local community and what will work there.

The political climate

When you enter into a new country, you must understand the political climate, as well as the history of taxation and asset seizure. You really don’t want to end up in a situation where your profits are unexpectedly taxed, or your assets are seized because the political climate is changing. You want to move to a country with a stable political economic system.

Look for legal advice

Whenever you decide to start a new business, hiring a lawyer is always a good idea. An expat lawyer can help you if they are living and working in the country you want to open up in. You want the lawyer to be able to understand things that are going on culturally, as well as have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate this place effectively.

Look for local guidance

Getting involved with other business owners in the country where you plan to open your business can help you to make a better start. If you can start this process before you actually move, you will already have people you can turn to as you get your business going. Getting involved in the local culture is something that every entrepreneur should do. How about finding a local mentor or investor who can help you to understand the local area and the needs of the consumer? You can begin searching for people online using sites like Linkedin, but don’t make any hasty decisions. Meetup groups may also be available.

Learning the language

Learning a new language is not easy, but it’s something you should definitely consider doing if you’re set on starting a new business in that place. Even basic language skills are going to be much better than not learning the language at all. Use online courses like DuoLingo, but it can be a good idea to get some professional lessons, too. You’ll likely pick up the language faster this way. Meeting up with somebody who is fluent in the language can also help you, especially if they are willing to help you improve your own language skills. Sometimes, the most effective thing you can do is throw yourself into the deep end and just start listening and getting involved. However, when it comes to things like important documents, you might be better off hiring an experienced translator, at least in the beginning. A NAATI certified translator for Government documents could be of use to you, and will help you if you only know basic phrases. You don’t want to end up making any silly mistakes!

Building a new network

When you move abroad, your old network becomes less actionable. A new one is key to your success! Leverage the fact that expats in a small community are fewer and far between, which should make it much easier for you to connect with new people. You might get help with your business, as well as create long lasting connections that can offer you support when times get tough.

Take your time with it all

You’re probably feeling all kinds of emotions as you decide to move abroad and start a business. However, even if you’re super excited, it’s crucial to remember that things like this take time to be a success. Give yourself enough time to do your research, find people who can help you, and learn what you need to know about moving abroad. You’ll also need to give yourself time to get legal documents in place, such as visas. You won’t be an overnight success, unfortunately!

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