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5 Reasons women make great traders


The world of trading can be a rocky road for both men and women alike, but despite this, more and more women are deciding to jump in head first into a primarily male-dominated industry. While competing in the trading industry is no mean feat in general, women are proving time and time again that they deserve a place amongst the rankings and it’s becoming clear just how good at the job women really are. To celebrate these successes, we’re taking a look at five reasons why women make great traders, below!

1. Women are good at multi-tasking

In simple terms, women can complete more than one task at the same time with far less brain power than it would take for a male to do the same thing – but how does this help with trading? Well, when it comes to juggling tasks, or in this case commodities, women tend to handle an increasing number of stocks within an even higher number of deadlines and do so much better than their male counterparts. While this isn’t always the case, general studies do suggest that women are better at handling the stress of juggling tasks and switching between priorities much more efficiently.

2. Women tend to be great students

Trading is a constant learning curve and when it comes to actually taking in the information and utilising it, women tend to be efficient and attentive. By holding a persistent, eager approach to learning more and more about stock trading, women can more effectively build up an informed yet personal approach to trading. Whether through taking in relevant and recent news to help craft more informed trades, or simply learning more about how to trade, being a good student is a valuable skill.

3. Women measure risk effectively

Risk is everything in trading, from your choice of platform, to the money you’re willing to risk when it comes to buying or selling a stock. For this reason, women make incredible traders as their ability to measure and evaluate risk is second to none. Being more averse to taking risks offers women the advantage in that they are less likely to hold onto bad trades long enough to cause any irreparable issues. They are less likely to use their ego to make decisions, and instead will make calculated decisions with every move they make.

4. Women handle stress and crisis well

Trading in the markets can be a stressful matter, especially when a crisis hits. While both genders tend to feel stress at a similar level, women are thought to have a much better way of handling and coping with this, which ultimately helps to improve their ability to navigate difficult markets. Women are less likely to panic under pressure and more likely to be far more disciplined in their approach.

5. Women tend to choose good role models

While role models aren’t everything in trading, women do typically have better people to look up to and learn from. Women are still fighting their way through the industry and seeing a woman reach the top is still being treated like a taboo topic, but as a result, upcoming and new traders have much better people to watch. The male-dominated industry tends to feature countless controversies and questionable figures leading the way, but in the case of women, most traders at the top will have worked extremely hard to be there, thus providing a solid basis for ‘role model’ status.

When it comes to trading, women are still fighting a battle to help even out the industry, but time and time again, we’re being shown just what the female population can do. Whether you’re just considering starting out in trading or you already have your foot in the door, ensuring that you remain up-to-date with latest news, practice good risk management and are willing to learn, can help you to get ahead.

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