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5 Work-life balance tips for women entrepreneurs


Some might say the advent of hit TV shows like Dragon’s Den has done a lot to fuel the inner entrepreneur in many women. But many more would argue an ambitious and competitive streak is a common female attribute. With more and more women opting out of the nine-to-five treadmill to set up small businesses, new challenges are arising, with domestic considerations and even leisure interests like going online to flirt introducing extra demands into the mix. Here are five tips towards achieving a satisfying work-life balance.

Maintain lines of demarcation between work and life

Many high-achieving female entrepreneurs will feel the key to success is the ability to switch off to other aspects of their lives and devote all their energies to their work. However, anyone who spends too much time stressing about their business runs the risk of burning out. There is no point forever chasing after deadlines at the expense of leaving no time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s so important to have clear boundaries between your work and social life. Always look forward to switching off that computer or smart device at the end of your working day and forgetting about everything until the next.

Operate a rigid timetable

In order to achieve the ideal work-life balance, you need to have a cast iron impression of every aspect of both. There are many ways which will enable you to manage your time effectively and productively, from online calendars to good old-fashioned wallcharts complete with marker pens. Whichever way works best for you, ensure you plan activities well in advance, with identifiable color coding between work-related timescales and outside activities such as attending school events. With a degree of foresight, you should be able to achieve a workable balance.

Plan activities well in advance

While you will always have to make allowances for aspects of your work which can suddenly appear when least expected, for the most part it is more likely you will be well aware of the tasks needing to be taken care of. But never leave your planning to the last minute. Ensure strategies are deployed well in advance. Always anticipate likely scenarios and ensure you have a backup plan in case anything should go awry.

Stick to the same holiday schedule

While there will always be a temptation to crack on with your work whenever holidays arrive, another important way of establishing a good work-life balance is to treat your entrepreneurial venture as if it was a 9-to-5 job, with regular bank holidays and summer breaks. There is every likelihood the clients you will be dealing with may well be taking summer vacations with families, and you should do the same. Leisure time represents a fantastic opportunity to recharge your batteries and this should never be taken for granted. You will be refreshed and excited about returning to work on the Monday after the holiday period, rather than it being no different to any other day.

Make the most of your downtime

Similarly, another excellent tip is to celebrate your downtime every week. On a Friday afternoon, rather than finding yourself in a situation where are you are fretting about meetings with clients over the weekend, you should feel obliged to simply switch off from your business activities and look forward to spending the time with friends and family. Just like celebrating holidays, it’s important to make the most of time away from work in order to sharpen your appetite for making a success of your venture when you do return to your desk and the next round of emails.

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