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Waste less time in your business by dealing with these common IT problems


The business world is very unpredictable. Every business is full of things that may or may not happen – it’s hard to know the outcome of almost anything. However, there are certain things you can guarantee no matter what business is concerned. For example, all businesses will have overhead costs, all businesses will need to market themselves, and all businesses will have IT problems at some point.

IT problems are potentially deadly as they lead to a tonne of wasted time in your business. You need to contact a support technician to fix the issue, and some of the problems could take days to correct. During this time, if you’re not careful, your business is unable to function at peak efficiency. It could lead to a loss of money during this time, which ultimately affects your yearly turnover.

Thankfully, smart business owners have contingency plans in place to deal with the most common IT issues out there. If you’re interested in knowing some of these solutions, then check out the most frequent IT problems businesses face, and how to deal with them:

Desktop apps crashing

In the past, a lot of companies would rely on basic desktop apps to do their work. We’re talking about the classic Microsoft Office apps; Word, Spreadsheets, and even PowerPoint. They were great at what they did, but posed one main problem. What happened if the app crashes on someones computer? Or, what if a computer crashed and you could no longer access the app. It potentially puts one employee out of work until the app is fixed.

Having trouble with apps on your desktop can be frustrating during a working day, and it usually happens when you have a deadline that you need to meet. The most common solution to the issues you may be dealing with on your desktop is just uninstalling and reinstalling the apps that are causing the problem. It takes minutes and works most of the time, so if MS Word or Excel aren’t working for you, try and uninstall Office! It’s a simple solution, but all of us can admit that this approach has worked for us during our most desperate situations.

Nowadays, you can also counter this problem by using web apps instead of desktop apps. There are many around you can use, or you can contact a website application development company to build a custom one for your business. The benefit of web apps is that they’re hosted in the cloud. So, if a computer breaks, you can access the app from a different device, instantly. Secondly, they’re way less prone to crashes because of the way they’re made. It’s very, very, rare that a web app breaks down – particularly when compared to a desktop one.

Internet connection cutting out

It’s arguably every business owner’s biggest nightmare; an office without the internet. If your internet service provider undergoes difficulties – which it inevitably will at some point – then you can experience outages. This means you don’t have internet access, which stops you from doing pretty much everything. To make matters worse, problems like this will often take hours to fix, and may even put you out of business for a day.

Naturally, that’s a lot of time you can’t afford to waste. Luckily, if you’re smart, you should have a contingency plan in place to deal with this issue. It’s simple; use a mobile internet connection. Most mobile phone networks have exceptionally fast speeds, and you can use a single phone as a hotspot. Alternatively, you can buy routers that connect to the mobile internet, and then use these when your actual internet goes down. It results in no time wasted, constant access to the internet, and a more fluid business.

Very slow computers

Slow computers are definitely the most common IT problem in modern businesses. You use your device a lot, save lots of data on it, and it eventually becomes very congested and slows down. This presents an issue as regular tasks take twice as long to complete. Not only that, but employees become frustrated with the slowness, leading to them losing focus and dropping the standard of their work.

To deal with this issue, you need to do a couple of things. Firstly, ensure the computers in your business are modern. This will mean they contain newer hardware, which helps the machine function quicker. Secondly, keep them all updated. To do this, always check for updates at the end of the working day. Then, you can update the software if needed, without taking up time during the workday. Finally, ensure your employees keep their computers free of clutter. Get them to save things on external hard drives or in the cloud. Along with this, they should run disk cleanup programs to remove temporary files and all the other junk beneath the surface. After all of this, your computers will run smoothly and never slow you down.

If you run a business, you’ll run into all three of these IT issues at some point. They might not be the scariest or most severe of problems, but they have the biggest impact on productivity and efficiency. Don’t waste time when you experience these issues, use the advice to deal with them and keep your company moving.

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