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Will that snack bar kill your business performance? [VIDEO]



You can’t run a race car without fuel. And you can’t be in the business race without the right fuel for your body. But so often, we are being sold the wrong food, or so-called ‘healthy’ food that has hidden sneaky unhealthy ingredients. And career and business women are a primary target for that marketing.

Running between meetings, trying to keep up with deadlines, and always being on the go, can all lead to missed meals and unhealthy snack options appearing in the diet throughout the working week.

So the answer for most of us is often to grab a snack we hope will make up for the missing fuel, and keep us going until the next pitstop. Food marketers know this, and position their products to target busy people – and particularly busy women. Us.

You may think that selecting a snack bar from the health food aisle at the supermarket is a failsafe idea when looking for an energy boost to help you stay focused, however unfortunately many of these products are actually laden with sneaky unhealthy ingredients.

To help identify which products will actually do the job at keeping you going on a busy day; Travelling Dietitian, Kara Landau, shares a few quick tips on what to look out for on the back of the pack, such as:

  1. Avoid products that contain added sugars and puffed grains; These ingredients will not leave you feeling full, which in turn, can lead to you overeating and feeling even more tired than before you ate.
  1. Look for products made up of healthy fat rich ingredients to keep you satisfied for longer.
  1. Select products that contain high fibre ingredients to help assist with balanced energy release and thereby enhanced concentration levels.

Keeping these points in mind when next shopping for a healthy snack bar will ensure your energy levels can be maintained even on the days that your schedule proves beyond hectic.

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About Kara Landau

As the ‘Travelling Dietitian’ Kara continues to provide enlightening, practical and engaging nutritionally focused content in an interactive manner to promote healthy eating in a modern format to the global population. Kara is a progressive, pragmatic and infectiously passionate dietitian who assists with new healthy product development, acts as a spokesperson for food brands, and has appeared on a range of broadcast media, including: A Current Affairs, Channel 7 News, Channel 9 News, Channel 10 news, Today Tonight, NovaFM and International Radio. She has also been quoted in numerous publications such as: Womens Health and Fitness, Sunday Life Magazine and Body + Soul.

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