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4 practical tips to streamline your home life


Women holding important and senior-level positions in offices or having a company of their own is not a fantasy anymore. It is very much a reality. But with job comes responsibility and time management.  You have a 9 to 5 job during the day and you have personal responsibilities to juggle alongside. Because of your work when you come back home, all you want to do is eat a take-out meal and then go to sleep. The routine even becomes more tiring when you have a family waiting for you at home, add to it a toddler. You see those women who have it all and yet they don’t look tiresome at all. They maintain a healthy life, they have enough time to spend with their family, cook for them and even hang out with friends. Now you miss your old self; the one who was in college and had the energy to do everything.

Believe it or not, you still have that energy you think you have lost. You just have to set your priorities straight and plan out your day or week in advance. Your life will be so much better once you figure out what you have to do for the day. The biggest part of having a balanced lifestyle is having the willpower to do it. First and foremost, convince yourself to have a better lifestyle and to always follow your plan of action. This is the easy part; now once that is done you begin your journey to be the all-rounder in life.

Your family

For any woman who is married and is working, the first priority is to keep her partner and her children happy. She may be the head of her department where she works, but at home, she is a loving wife and a caring mother. Most often, women would not find the time to spend with their families after they have come back for office. You need to change that. Explain your schedule to the kids; if they are really young then you need to be with them at all times. Involve your partner with the kids as much as possible so that even your kids know that they have a choice when they need a problem to be fixed. While you may have brought work home for the night, be sure not to lock yourself in the room while doing your office work. Sit in the lounge with the kids, and try to have a conversation with them while you are working.

If you and your partner have not had a proper conversation for a long time, why not put the kids to bed early and have a nice chat in the lounge. Or maybe give the kids an early dinner and then have a special dinner later in the night with your loved one. No matter which option you choose, you have to know that these people love you and would want to be with you as much as possible.

Cooking and cleaning

When it comes to cooking and cleaning, mostly, as is the case in most households, it is the woman doing these jobs especially when the kids are very young. The best thing to do is to ask your partner to accompany you when you are doing these chores. 4 hands are better than 2. Not only will you get the job done quicker, but you will also get a chance to talk to your spouse more.  Also, avoid dividing your chores into days with your partner. One day I do the dishes and one day the other, does not always work, as it could be that you may be late or too tired to do it someday. This will disrupt the schedule and your spouse might get irritated doing something again and again which was supposed to be done by you.

Also, those detailed cleaning tasks for appliances or cleaning rooms with vacuum cleaners and mops, or rearranging your kitchen utensils or cleaning your car, or using a fridge deep cleaning guide, are the tasks you might want to keep for only the weekends. This will not do well if you decide to do it on a weekday. This will tire you more on any workday and you won’t get enough rest.

Storing food

Let’s be honest, you can’t just go through the whole week with heating frozen items or a bowl of cereal. This is not a healthy lifestyle. It is always better to do your grocery shopping for the week rather than doing it every day on your way back to home from work. It will take more time, and might end up costing you more. Even some stores give you a discount when you buy items in bulk. Also, you need to plan ahead when it comes to cooking stuff. It is always better to know what you are cooking for the next days or two and keep the vegetables or meat already cut for it and store in the refrigerator for later use. This way when you have come back from work all you will have to do is to take those vegetables or meat out and simply make the dish that you wanted to.


Exercise is very important for the body. A lesser known fact is that it is also beneficial for your mind as it lessens anxiety and keeps your brain active. An active brain always helps you work better. In order to keep a fitness regime, you don’t always have to go to expensive fitness centers or buy an overpriced gym membership. Just go for a jog in the morning, or some easy exercises at home and that will do the trick. You feel refreshed all day. Nobody wants to look like those anorexic models, but being too overweight is also not a healthy lifestyle. And with you keeping a track on your diet as well, maintain your body would not be a major issue. You just have to stick to your routine and not cheat on your diet or exercise too often.

Everything really depends on what you want to do for yourself. You must be willing to give yourself a life that has it. If you don’t want to be stuck in an office all day long, then dread not spending time with yourself or your family then you must take an initiative. All you have to do is plan ahead and keep yourself and your family in your vision as these are the people you are doing all of this hard work for. If you need help with planning, this house cleaning checklist will help!

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