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4 reasons you should listen to your team


Owning a business can be hugely rewarding, but it can also be extremely stressful. There are so many different aspects to manage that certain things sometimes get neglected. In amongst trying to grow your business and meeting the expectations of your customers and clients, there’s a particular group of individuals that often gets left behind: the employees.

Your staff, however, are the lifeblood of your company and ignoring their input can be costly. By taking the time to listen to their wants, concerns and ideas, you’ll create the kind of working environment that leads to business success.

More engaged and productive

If you make your employees feel unimportant, then they’ll start to believe they are. Members of staff that have an apathetic attitude to their place of work will be less engaged and less productive – which has a demonstrably negative effect on your company.

Keeping employees engaged isn’t a simple task, however, and needs to be worked at constantly. Encourage your employees to let their personality shine through in their work, give them the freedom to pursue their interests and remember to reward good work.If your staff feel valued at your company they’ll be more productive and your business will reap the rewards.


Giving your employees a voice will also improve staff retention. Imagine working for a company that you felt didn’t respect your opinion or listen to your point of view. That would mean that the company could end up going in a completely different direction to the one you envisioned when you joined and one that doesn’t match your personal ambitions. Why would you stay at a company like this?

Low levels of employee loyalty ultimately lead to high staff turnover rates, which comes with a number of associated challenges. By trusting your staff and listening to them, you’ll create an environment where they want to work in the long-term, creating a number of benefits for your business.

Coping with crisis

Your employees are important at all times to your business, but during times of disruption they become even more essential. When a crisis occurs, your employees are the ones that can mitigate customer fears and bring some calm amongst the chaos.

The most successful firms use an Emergency Alert System, as provided by AlertMedia and similar organisations, which allows two-way dialogue between employer and employee. Two-way communication allows staff to find out more information and connect with colleagues when disaster strikes. Not only does this keep your staff up to speed, but it should help the crisis come to a resolution much faster.

Thinking outside the box

Letting your employees speak their mind doesn’t just make them feel happier, it could help create your next major business innovation. Your staff may be full of great ideas, but without the freedom to express themselves, they’re of no benefit to your company. If you show that you appreciate your employees and value their input, they’ll go above and beyond the call of duty and share their innovations.

Listening to your employees not only creates a healthier, more productive work environment, it also fosters company growth. Next time your staff has something to say, remember that it could be exactly what your business needs to hear.

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