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Automating business processes: 4 strategies to boost your bottom line


This short guide outlines four strategies for automating business processes that will streamline operations and boost your profits.

In business, one of the biggest drains on your time and resources are those menial tasks. They clog your calendar and take vital, productive time away from your employees. Unfortunately, if they’re left untouched they stagnate and have the potential to upset your customer journey and ultimately, your bottom line. 

Automating business processes: 4 strategies to boost your bottom line

No business owner should be putting their growth and fiscal resources at risk due to an influx of administrative tasks. This is why more companies than ever are turning to automating business processes to clear their calendars and focus on the tasks that really matter. Read on to discover 4 business chores you should be automating right now. 

HR systems

Are your HR teams drowning in paperwork, payroll, and outdated recruitment and onboarding processes? It’s a common issue as your company and brand begins to grow – you’re handling more success and more employees! Instead of leaving your HR team in the lurch, consider switching to an HR cloud-based system as a key strategy in automating business processes. With the help of Factorial HR software, you can improve the management of your team, reduce structural costs, and improve decision-making. Software like this can help keep your HR teams organized and automate some of the more time-consuming responsibilities, such as payroll and accounting. Many HR software programs come with “self-service” capabilities which means that employees can take control of their own admin, rather than your stretched HR team.

Connecting with your customers

From welcome emails to IM responses and troubleshooting, maintaining strong connections with your clients is essential for your customer journey, your brand, and your success. Sadly, these kinds of communications require time, money, and resources you might not have to spare right now. Instead, consider automating business processes for communication, staying in touch automatically, or craft automated responses until queries can be properly answered.

Consider drafting automatic emails to those who set up accounts or join your newsletter. Don’t be afraid of being “caught out” with an automated response, as long as your replies are carefully crafted, detailed and attentive, your customers will still enjoy their experience. 

Updating your Brand Guidelines

Your brand guidelines provide the blueprints to your brand. They’re a series of important instructions that help your creative teams produce engaging content with your brand in mind. Sadly when teams spend excessive periods searching through outdated PDFs and chasing files in search of the latest brand guidance, it’s a waste of time and valuable resources.

Thankfully, the answer is simple. When you choose to streamline your creative process by housing your brand guidelines with DAM software from, you cut out the administrative work and make your entire creative process faster and more efficient. When all your brand resources are put together in one centralized location, this user-friendly platform ensures everyone is up to date with the latest brand guidance and simplifies your processes. It’s that simple!

And finally, invoice reminders 

If you’re working with invoices, then there’s nothing more frustrating than a client who has neglected their side of the payment agreement. But don’t panic. Instead of spending copious amounts of time sending out personal reminders, automating business processes for invoicing steps is as simple as finding an app or software that will do this for you — automatically! 


These four strategies alone for automating business processes are going to save you time and money. And as you put them in place, you are likely to spot other potential ways to automate and streamline your business for success.


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