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Putting your local business on the map


Local businesses based in the community need customers just as much as any business if they are to thrive. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to bring those customers in if you’re operating in a small community where there aren’t as many people or maybe as much money around to spend. Of course, you should not let that put you off if you’re determined to be successful. What you need to do is set your business up as an important destination that the locals know about, and which they know they need to visit and support.

With that in mind, here are some strategies you can use to put your local business on the map and ensure that the local business actually uses it: 

Check what the competition is doing 

First thing’s first, if you want to be successful as a small local business, you need to see what the competition are doing. If there are other businesses offering the same products/services as you, it could be difficult to compete unless you do what they’re doing better and offer more value for money, better ideas and a different and appealing approach. Get the basics right and the rest will follow. 

Ensure you show up in search engines

Even local businesses need to be on the internet because most people when they are looking to buy something will Google their options first. If your business doesn’t show up high on their search, but a competitior does, even if you’re maybe a little closer or more affordable, chances are the competitor will get the business anyway. That’s why you need to invest in seo. Search engine optimization will literally put you on the map, Google maps that is; it will also ensure you’re highly visible in internet searches, and that people in your area know you exist. Don’t skimp on it. 

Join forces with other local businesses

Joining forces with other local businesses that complement your own is a great way to double up on your marketing efforts and be seen by more people, without it breaking the bank. For example, if you sell cameras, teaming up with a local college that offers photography classes could be a good move or if you sell health food as a business, linking up wqith a local gym could see an influx of new customers. The trick is to find the perfect business to pair with.

Get in the local media 

Do you have a local newspaper, radio station or news show? Chances are if you contact them they will be willing to run a story on your business providing you offer them a good angle such as’ local girl done good’ or ‘community business raises money for charity’ and you will get a whole lot of good publicity from it that will put your company on the local map.

The above strategies can be very effective at putting your local business on the map, and you should definitely give them a try, but remember they are not the only things you can do and the more innovative you are, the bigger your business will eventually be.

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