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How to boost your business with digital marketing


If you want to grow your business in today’s world, you really can’t afford to miss the opportunities offered by digital marketing. Whether you choose to invest money or time, outsource to experts or rely on your own innovation, it’s the number one way to get ahead and bring your products and services to customers, increasing your market share and opening up new opportunities. With the right approach, you can massively improve your prospects.

More than just advertising

The first thing it’s essential to understand is that marketing — and especially digital marketing — is bigger than just advertising. While adverts are important, they need to be part of a wider set of activities if they’re going to be successful. It’s a practice that should be subject to constant reassessment and improvement so that you can build on your successes over time – and, just as importantly, learn from your mistakes.

Develop a strategy

With this in mind, marketing is not something that you should throw yourself into without a plan. Even good individual efforts can result in little gain if they’re not coordinated. If you’re not sure where to begin with planning, you may be best advised to hire an agency – the Amazon marketing agency can tailor-make a strategy for you. Even with an agency to help, however, you will need to think through what your priorities are. Which products or services are you most keen to push? Do you want to focus on building up new markets or growing a loyal customer base by increasing customer retention? What are the core concepts that matter to your company, around which you can base your brand?

Using social media

There are two ways you can use social media as part of your digital marketing strategy. The first is to pay for targeted advertising, which helps you to reach very specific groups of people. This can be very effective (imagine, for instance, being a chocolatier who can market directly to people who have just purchased flowers), but it can also be quite expensive. The second way is to build up your brand by making frequent social media posts that enable you to connect with your customers and make what you have to offer sound appealing. You can tempt people in this way with discounts and competitions and encourage them to introduce their friends to you in return. Either way, it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew – the social media landscape is huge so choose just a couple of platforms to focus on.

Building up content

A few years ago, marketing talk was all about SEO and how you could make your content more attractive to search engines. Now that search engine technology has developed and can see through those tricks, it’s really about the content itself. One of the most effective techniques for improving your search engine rankings and keeping people coming back to your website is to update it frequently. If you have a lot of posts about vaguely similar things but they’re never identical, you can get a lot out of them. Using lots of pictures helps to attract visitors and using video can attract both humans and web spiders. You can cross-link it to YouTube and Vimeo for even better results. Just make sure that, whatever type of content you’re using, you fill out all the meta fields.

Keeping customers

To grow successfully, you don’t just need to reach new customers, you need to keep them coming back. The tried and trusty way to do this is with the email mailing list, however, today there are lots of different options available, and people generally respond well to being given a choice. They might prefer to be contacted by text or via Facebook messages, for instance. In order to make sure they don’t get into the habit of ignoring you, prompt them from time to time with special offers. Invite them to give feedback on things they’ve bought from you – this will help you to fine tune your marketing as well as making the customers feel valued. Using proper SEO techniques will eventually convert your website visitors into loyal customers that bring in more sales and new leads.

All these different aspects of digital marketing can contribute to building a successful strategy. When it comes to business growth, marketing is never just an add-on – it’s essential and is certainly worth investing in.

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