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Vital ways to maintain professionalism on your online business profile


Whether you’re just starting out or have been established in your field for a while, the business world today requires some form of social presence. This isn’t a bad thing, but understanding the fine line between social media and social networking (which many people will claim to be the same thing) can make all the difference to your profile.

The Internet can cause anything from overexposure (there is such a thing) to content that can never be erased. Everything you post should be put through a filter and not the type that removes blemishes or adds a dog nose and ears. Here are a few basic principles to make sure your profile speaks professionally at all times.

Choose an appropriate platform for your business

Although social platforms are fun, they also send their own message. An art gallery could undoubtedly benefit from an Instagram account, but a housekeeping company not so much. Choosing the right platform gives viewers an indication as to your style of work ethic and focus. This is not to say that a more formal service or business company can’t make use of the more social platforms, but that it is more likely to generate traffic and authority on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook.

The choice also depends largely on the style of business you do: are your target clients everyday individuals or do you plan to cater to other businesses? The goal is for the platform to reflect your work style, so you should be aiming for the same online platforms your potential clients are using.

Monitor your posts carefully

In the hype of social media, it’s all too easy to impulsively set something free into the cloud, but that isn’t always the best idea. The last thing you want is a post that makes potential clients see your business as less serious. Your business profile should be a combination of formal business marketing and fun interaction with clients.

A good business outreach example can be found on the Mr Green Group LinkedIn profile. It displays a combination of professional information, such as awards, along with photographs of employees enjoying the benefits of their working environment. They also link to the latest features of their online casino platform, to help clients and potential business partners stay up to date. This balanced approach to social networking and media is always safe and gives viewers a good overall view of all your business’s essential goings on.

Interact with other users

Everyone online is a potential client. An online persona gives your business the opportunity to interact with them and turn potential into regular. However, when you engage with other users, you want to maintain a friendly, objective and professional voice. Each connection should work to reach the client in a positive way and, no matter what people online might comment or say, never react emotionally. Even the most personal interactions need to remain professional.

Most important of all, you should remember that, when managing your business profile, you want to put your own interests and opinions aside and act on behalf of the company to ensure you maintain your professionalism online.

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