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8 Great tips to improve linkedIn leads


When it comes to generating leads on social media, LinkedIn has often stayed ahead of the competition. In fact, no other social site collects the volume of like-minded professionals, executives, and business owners on one platform as much as this network. According to researchers on the use of social media platforms, 50 percent of participants believed that LinkedIn was the most important network for marketers, edging out Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

LinkedIn offers various marketing tools that you can leverage to drive more people to your site and generate leads. The platform also permits users to research the interests, challenges, problems, and motivators of their prospects. This can help you gauge the best fit for your business in relation to the target group, or shape your sales pitches in line with what you already know about them. These are just some of the reasons that make LinkedIn an excellent tool for generating leads and researching prospects. Here are some amazing ways to use LinkedIn to drum up your lead generation.

Convert your linkedIn views into fresh business

Let’s face it, marketing on social media can be a bit confusing. However, most people who use LinkedIn are familiar with the email notification on ‘who has viewed your profile.’ While there are those who send such emails directly to trash, experts advise that the best strategy is to follow the link and approach the individuals. These people have already been searching for you, meaning that they have some level of interest. Reach out to see why. It may just be that they are interested in your services or products.

Use your company page to generate leads

The organization’s page on LinkedIn can be an important driver of leads. Make sure that you optimize the use of each element. It is possible to generate a reasonable amount of traffic without necessarily spending exorbitant amounts of funds in advertising. You can, for instance, craft your company or business description in a way that differentiates and identifies your value proposition, target audience, and the type of goods or services you offer. This will serve to tailor your message, appealing to the right prospects and filtering out any unqualified leads.

Encourage your coworkers or employees to link to your profile

Another way to generate leads using LinkedIn is by relying on your connections to maximize your reach. Colleagues, employees, and coworkers can work like brand ambassadors, helping to promote your company or service in their own LinkedIn networks. This way, you can discover new connections to nurture over time.

Develop a showcase page

There is a function in LinkedIn that allows users to create a showcase page for other brands that are part of your business. In fact, you can even create multiple showcase pages, particularly for units that generate the most significant sales for your company. This strategy allows you to zero in on specific and highly targeted leads amongst your bigger customer segment and drive them towards your product or service.

Add interesting call to actions to your content

One of the main benefits of LinkedIn is the chance to publish content that will make the journey of your buyer a success. Even better, LinkedIn is special in the sense that it doesn’t prevent the addition of a CTA to your content. This allows you to generate sales leads by engaging your reader and providing useful information. Please note that when you market on LinkedIn, you are not just targeting a generalized demographic of people in specific geographic locations. On this platform, users are able to better target their audiences, including past and current company, location, school, and non-profit interests. This makes it ideal for driving leads.

Improve your web presence with SEO

Top marketers understand that search engine optimization is not a preserve of Google. Making yourself easily discoverable on LinkedIn can improve the number of leads for selling your services and products. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you can boost your discoverability by:

  • Making sure that your profile is 100 percent complete;
  • Determining the appropriate keywords, searching them, and incorporating them into your profile;
  • Including anchor text to your profile;
  • Requesting recommendations.

Creating a sponsored InMail campaign

One way to cut through all the clutter and easily reach the LinkedIn inboxes of prospectives is InMail campaigns. This strategy allows users to drive more leads and engage the target audience by submitting private and personalized messages to the mailboxes of prospectives. The recipients will be able to view the InMail as part of their messenger experience whenever they are active on LinkedIn. A good message comprises a customized greeting, body text, and a call to action button. Users are also allowed to add optional footers that disclose legal matters or contact information.

Create your own group on linkedIn

Creating your own LinkedIn group can also help drive leads your way. This way, you are able to target potential clients who can benefit from connecting with you. It is also a chance for you to establish your brand. In this group, you can initiate discussions and post content, allowing you to understand a specific market segment.

You could also generate leads by searching for groups on LinkedIn. While advanced search allows users to discover the professionals they should be connecting with based on such demographic data as industry type, location, or job title, group search is what you need to find people relevant to your niche market. You can focus on groups that have high levels of activity.

Here’s the bottom line

LinkedIn is by far one of the best social networking platforms for generating leads. You also get to determine how well the prospects fit with your business model. Ultimately, your company will be able to establish itself as an industry leader, improving your chances to close more deals faster. However, please note that the process of generating leads through this medium is time-consuming. It may even take months before you are able to see the outcomes. However, the rapport you build through the connections and the advanced targeting make lead generation through LinkedIn well worth the effort. Go ahead —don’t miss out on the immense potential of this incredible lead generation platform.

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