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The 5 best ways to deal with the office psychopath


It is difficult to calculate how many psychopaths are in the world. According to the estimates of psychologists, their number can approach one percent of the total population of the planet. It is obvious that universal worship of the dollar leads to the fact that the number of psychopathic personalities increases in geometric progression. The lack of humanity and conscience is already perceived as a component of success, and more and more people are consciously getting rid of this “ballast” that prevents them from achieving material well-being and glory.

How to recognize an office psychopath

From a clinical point of view, the office psychopath is characterized by such features as lack of remorse, the ability to turn on and off his charm, impulsiveness, emotional poverty, and extreme egocentrism. These people not only have no conscience but do not even know that it exists at all. They can deprive the pensioner of housing or force the pregnant girl to resign at will, leaving her without a livelihood, and not feel any pangs of conscience. Moreover, according to observations of psychotherapists working with such people, office psychopaths consider such acts to be the only correct ones and even brag about them in a narrow circle of their own kind and to the psychotherapist.

It is important to draw a line between psychopathic behavior and psychosis. Psychosis is a symptom of a mental illness, a break of connections with reality. When psychologists talk about psychopaths, they talk about people with a personality disorder who have a certain set of characteristics such as charisma, coldness, and lack of pity. These traits often arise among people seeking wealth and fame.

Not only victims of financial fraud and subordinate employees suffer from psychopaths. According to the financiers, large corporations often suffer from them. With the same ease as with the destinies of people, brute dealers play billions, entrusted to them by business owners. There is an assumption that the financial crisis is the result of irresponsible behavior of high-ranking psychopaths. Studies have shown that psychopaths most often occupy leadership positions, become surgeons, journalists, sellers, lawyers, policemen, or are part of the higher clergy.

What to do if this description characterizes a colleague or boss


In order to protect yourself as efficiently as possible, you need to watch your leader, his behavior to find out when he has emotional outbursts such as discontent, rage, and anger, or vice versa of joy and kindness. What preceded them, that is, caused such a reaction? These are subconscious “buttons” that cause those or conditions or behavior.

Subconscious management

Having found out what causes the certain behavior of the boss or colleague, write down or remember these buttons. They can be positive and negative. As a result, you get a kind of a control lever, which is necessary to steer quietly. If you need something to ask, you must first make a good man. If the boss forces you to do what you do not want, you can create negative associations with him to this job.

Interruption of negative behavior

A more complex technique is the “breaking of the pattern of behavior” when it is necessary to interrupt “bad” behavior in one way or another. If the boss starts yelling, something that is inappropriate must be done. For example, accidentally drop the pen and look for it under the table for a long time.  The chief in the midst of anger will suddenly notice that there is no one to shout at, and will be confused. And at that moment you can look out from under the table and ask him another question. Because when you break a pattern of thinking or behavior, you need to throw new information into the vacuum that has formed. And your “victim” switches. What else can you do to interrupt negative behavior? For example, to simulate a heart attack, grabbing at the heart, say that you need to urgently go to the toilet or drop a cup of tea on your suit. That is, you have to interrupt the behavior for any good reason. And then start a conversation on the same topic, only on the other side as if nothing had happened.

Avoiding stress

It is necessary to understand that if a psychopath is mad and yells, then this is a normal state for him, and not for you. Therefore, avoid the state of subconscious contact, that is, do not worry about him. Treat the situation as if from the outside. He is just a sick man, and you have nothing to do with it. If you take everything to heart, you can get a lot of stress and turn into psychopath yourself.

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