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How to encourage a stress-free work environment


As a woman-business owner, you’re accountable for a variety of responsibilities. From handling your business’s finances to overseeing customer service efforts, you’re likely always on the move.

One area that requires significant attention is managing your employees. When supervising your employees, it is your job to motivate them to do their best work. When doing this, it is important to create an environment that encourages employee achievement while also avoiding unneeded stress, so that they can feel comfortable and secure in the workplace. If your management style fosters a stress-free environment, employees can focus on providing successful results for your business.

Surprisingly, major stress is a common issue in workplaces, with 60 percent of employees reporting that they are stressed due to work most or all the time. Unfortunately, stress cannot be completely avoided. Employees must be expected to meet deadlines, resolve conflict, and complete their day-to-day tasks. Still, there are ways that you can lessen employee stress and create a healthy work environment.

In this post, we’ll provide insights on how you can be a strong manager without causing your employees extra unnecessary pressure.

1. Have frequent meetings:

On a monthly basis (at least), meet with each one of your employees individually to discuss their performance. Give them actionable advice on how they can grow in their role, and provide specific instructions on how to do so. In addition, allow them to ask you questions, or inform you about issues occurring in their department. Having this individual time with each employee will give them the opportunity to bring up anything that is stressing them out, and once resolved, they can go back to focusing on their role.

2. Be clear about expectations:

If your employees underperform, you can’t be upset with them if you didn’t clearly explain your guidelines. Encourage your employees to set goals, and enable them to reach their full potential. By being transparent with employees about what you expect as their employer, they’ll be able to meet your standards, and no one will need to stress about workplaces mistakes.

3. Promote work-life balance:

Even though your employees should be focused while on the job, you must realize that they all have lives outside of work. Be aware that they’ll have family responsibilities, doctor’s appointments, and the occasional vacation. In addition, if an emergency arises, be understanding and supportive. Having this attitude will decrease employee stress, and provide an environment in which your employees don’t feel burdened if they need to take time for personal matters.

4. Encourage healthy habits:

If your employees are healthy, they’ll probably be better at their roles. You can do this by providing a gym membership discount, hosting health fairs, and providing nutritious catered lunches. When forming your budget, consider allotting money to pay for these health-related perks. Not only will this show your employees that you appreciate them, but it will also reduce stress.

5. Ask for feedback:

Encouraging an open dialogue with your employees! You might not realize it, but there could be aspects of your business that are stressful to your employees. These factors could be how certain situations are handled, team dynamics, or other issues. If you notice an employee seems unhappy at work, don’t be afraid to ask them for their feedback. They might have insights into certain operational matters that will not only reduce workplace stress, but could also improve how your business functions.

Creating a stress-free work environment for your valued employees can be challenging, but by following the five tips mentioned in this post, it is possible. If you have additional suggestions, let us know in the comment section below!

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