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5 Easy ways your business can reduce its carbon footprint


Businesses of the world are responsible for so much destruction to the environment. But as a company owner, it’s easy to assume that all of this is ‘someone else’s problem’, as we alone are only contributing a small amount towards it. However, we all have to take responsibility for ourselves, if we all work together we can genuinely make a difference in a big way. Best of all, there are some really easy things we can do to help reduce our carbon footprint and help the planet that don’t take much thought or effort at all. Chances are they will save you money too! Here are five ideas.

Switch off appliances

This seems like such a simple thing to do, but unfortunately leaving things like computers and lights on (even at night when no one is in the building) is still a common occurrence in businesses. Even standby mode uses power, and it’s completely wasted since the equipment isn’t even being used. Start turning things off properly at the end of each day, it takes a matter of seconds. It might not seem like much, but think of the savings if every business in the world started doing this?

Use laptops instead of desktops

Laptops use far less power than desktops, and these days they can be equally as powerful. With more and more businesses realising the benefits of letting employees work from home (at least for some of the time) switching to laptops that can be taken with them makes sense anyway. They can use up to eighty percent less power than desktop computers, and are generally more convenient all round. An easy switch to make, and something to consider when you’re purchasing new equipment for your business.

Recycle efficiently

We all know the importance of recycling, and chances are at home you’re very careful with the things you throw away. You separate your recyclables and non recyclables to stop items being sent to landfill or incinerators which are extremely detrimental to the environment. But are you as careful when it comes to your business? Put out bins for things like metal, paper, plastic and glass- and brief staff so that they’re using the recycling facilities correctly. Better still, use less of these materials in the first place. For example, you can use less plastic by opting for refillable pens and printer cartridges, instead of single use varieties.

Think of your fuel sources

The fuel you use in things like your company cars and even backup generators can all impact the environment. Switching to more eco efficient systems will all reduce the amount of pollution your company is putting out into the world. You could use electric or hybrid cars, or switch petrol for diesel generators which have been shown to use less fuel (and therefore produce out less co2 emissions over time). When you’re buying new equipment, take the fuel source it uses into consideration when making your purchase.

Encourage carpooling or cycling to work

Setting up a carpool scheme, or encouraging employees to cycle to work will all reduce emissions and fossil fuels being burned. This is one way to think outside the box, as well as the think about the waste your company is generating and the materials it’s using, you’re helping your employees to be more eco conscious too. Your employees are your responsibility, so don’t overlook the pollution they’re creating when getting to your workplace.

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