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8 Effective Offline Marketing Methods for Your Online Business


For many business owners in the digital era, offline marketing is a thing of the past. After all, why bother printing off and handing out thousands of flyers when you can simply update your brand’s status on social media? But, although digital marketing is certainly a powerful tool, offline marketing can offer strong, effective support to your online strategies. Here are five offline marketing strategies that are still effective today.

#1. Trade shows:

Exhibiting at a local trade show is an excellent way to gain a lot of exposure in a short amount of time, and unlike online marketing methods such as using social media, there is the added benefit of being able to meet your existing and potential customers in person with a friendly handshake and smile. Although it’s predominantly an online method of marketing, don’t be afraid to bring your online marketing efforts to the exhibition. For example, providing customers with free Wi-Fi and using smart devices to sign them up to your mailing list can attract a higher footfall to your stand.

#2. Postcards:

Postcards might be something that you think about when you’re taking a vacation, but they can also be an awesome way of marketing your business and letting your customer base know about any important changes which might affect them. For example, if you sell products online, you can pop a postcard in with the package when a customer orders, to let them know about deals and offers that may be of interest for them or provide them with a special money-off discount on their next order as a thank you. As a result, you’re more likely to see return customers, especially when the postcard includes some kind of reward for their loyalty. You can find templates for postcards online and with a little imagination, you don’t have to spend a fortune on designers. Just make sure you follow your branding guidelines and use your company colors and fonts.  Check out these postcard printing services that can help you market your business to both existing and potential new customers.

#3. Packaging labels:

If, like many online businesses, you run an e-commerce store that sells goods to customers, you can use this a way of marketing to them offline. Using branded shipping labels is a simple strategy but creates more exposure for your brand. Another great way to use your packaging as a marketing method is to include a ‘thank you’ note or even a small free gift along with their purchase. This will improve your reputation and encourage your customers to come back for more.

#4. Business cards:

Today, many entrepreneurs simply transfer their information electronically to potential new clients and customers. But, what happens if you meet somebody who’s interested in what you have to offer, and your smartphone’s battery is dead? Business cards that are innovative and interesting are still one of the best offline marketing methods. Incorporate your online marketing by including details of your website and social media profiles on your cards.

#5. Posters and billboards:

Eye-catching posters or billboards still command attention, as it’s hard not to notice a large poster when you’re standing next to it! Strategically placing your posters in areas where people are doing things that require little attention, for example, eating in a food court or waiting for public transport, will gain a better response.

#6. Direct mail:

Nobody likes receiving spam email, but spam mail through the letter box can be even worse as it just adds to the trash pile! Because of this, it’s no surprise that many marketers are put off from using direct mail. However, when done right, it can be very effective – for example, send your customers a personalized note to thank them for their loyalty, accompanied by a money off voucher for their next shop.

#7. Flyers:

Depending on the type of business that you run, flyers can be an effective way for creating more brand exposure and bringing in new custom. You could spend a few hours in your local town handing out flyers to passers-by and spending some time taking to them about what you offer. More often than not, people will be more than willing to take some free information about a brand or business that could be beneficial to them in the future. Spending some time in your local area can also help to increase your local exposure, helping you gain more custom from the area where you are based.

#8. Car stickers:

Last but not least, getting your brand name and website displayed on your vehicle can be a very cheap and effective way of gaining more exposure offline. Drivers on the road can see your business information from your vehicle and you could even gain interest when you’re parked up in your driveway. If you have employees who drive, they might be willing to advertise your business on their cars for a small fee.

Don’t focus all of your efforts on digital marketing – these offline marketing methods may have been around a long time, but they still work well.

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