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Is your company’s reputation at risk?


Here’s the thing about your business. It can live or die dependant on the reputation it has acquired. Thanks to review sites such as Yelp and TrustPilot, and all of the social media channels currently available, your customers (and the world at large), have the capacity to rate your company. Make a wrong move, and the negative attention you receive could scupper your business for good. And then there is the media to consider. If you do anything within your business that proves newsworthy, you are looking at a public relations disaster. Great care needs to be taken to ensure the only word-of-mouth garnered about your business is a positive one, and not something that will bring damage to your reputation.

To avoid those worst-case scenarios, let’s consider the reasons why a company’s reputation would be at risk. If any of the following are true to your business, you must take steps to turn things around before it is too late.

Factors that will damage your reputation 

Unsafe working conditions

Should an employee or a customer take legal action against you because your workplace is unsafe, you are going to face a financial hit, through the cost of hiring a legal team to protect you, as well as the downturn in profits once word about you spreads. You need to have a whs management system in place to reduce the risk of accident and injury, and you need to risk assess every area of your business. It’s your legal responsibility, as well as your duty of care to those who come into your place of business.

Unhappy employees

An unsafe working environment is one way to cause your employees to grumble. But they can be unhappy for any number of reasons. You may not be paying a fair wage. You may have an uncaring attitude towards their general wellbeing. They may not feel valued or appreciated. Their unhappiness will spread as they complain to each other about the poor treatment they are receiving, and to others outside your business doors. Therefore, care for your employees. Treat them fairly. Make employee rewards programmes the norm. Show them appreciation, and they will do the same for you with positive word of mouth about how great it is to work for you.

Poor customer service

Your customers are important to your business, but if you don’t make an effort with your customer service, then you are going to lose their custom. And if that wasn’t bad enough, your (ex) customers will also spread bad word about you to anybody who will listen. Therefore, make every effort to improve your customer service. Ensure your staff are trained to communicate effectively with the people who use your business. Put technology in place to speed up interactions. Don’t make any promises you know you will struggle to keep. Offer customer loyalty programmes. Be good to your customers, and they will be good to you.

Other factors

There are other issues that are bound to scupper your reputation. Data breaches are a big thing at the moment, so ensure you secure your computer networks. Remind yourself of the environment, and put eco-friendly practices in place. Don’t break the law, in any way, as that will damage both your personal and business reputation. And there are bound to be other factors, so use your head and consider anything that may be specific to you and your business.

So, is your company’s reputation at risk? Consider what we have said, and if anything relates to your business, take steps to put things right before trouble strikes. Let us know what you think.

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