5 reasons you should trust your decisions


As an entrepreneur, one the battles I’ve faced is trusting my decisions. In general, I have been able to make sound decisions. Yet, when it comes to operating my business, I have faltered.

One may wonder why?

The answer is: fear.

We are afraid of the consequences affiliated with making decisions. However, as women, we have the gift of “intuition.” Often times, we’re consumed with opinions that are irrelevant. Over time, I realized that my instinct is carefully aligned with knowing the right thing to do. Below are some tips that havedhelped me along the way in life and my career:

1. Be confident

People smell an unconfident women from a mile away. Instantaneously, you will be taken advantage of. Always speak with confidence, knowing that you know what you know and aren’t afraid to learn something new along the way.

2. Know your worth

Studies have shown repeatedly women do not know how to negotiate. Additionally, they also suggest that we sell ourselves short. As seasoned professionals in our field, never apologize for your rates. You have earned it. You have learned the materials needed. You have labored the hours requested. You have developed skills in your field that have awarded the opportunity to be in the position you are in. Never apologize for requesting to be paid for what you’re worth.

3. Trust your instinct

As previously mentioned, women have this wonderful feature called “intuition. Trust it. You feel the way that you do about a situation for a reason. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal or a professional decision, go with what your gut is telling you. If you feel as though a particular client or project is not a good fit for you, do not feel pressured into taking it because you “need” the exposure, experience or business. We all have the ability to say “thank you, but no thank you.” It doesn’t feel good, but feel good in knowing you made the right decision.

4. Don’t overthink it

Women often consult other people to seek permission for thinking the way that we do. You do not need anyone else’s permission for saying “no.”

5. Live with the consequences

Consequences have been labeled as a negative thing when they are not. If you are confident about who you are and what you offer, you don’t ever have to worry about making the wrong decisions. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. It didn’t work for you.

About Alexis Nicole White

Alexis Nicole White is a Managing Director of An Executive Solution Concierge, in Atlanta, GA. She's 31 years old and a mother of a 10 month old son.

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