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5 tips to create a functional and stylish office


When office spaces are created the focus is usually on function and style tends to take a back seat. Unfortunately, with the busy-ness of running a SME, business owners can be forced to put the visual aesthetics of their office on the back burner. Not only is this a mistake, it can also be one that will reduce the productivity and prosperity of your company.

A recent report found that not only are unhappy workers costing businesses large operating costs, but that 97% of workers consider their workplace as a symbol of whether or not they are valued by their employer. The research found that while most offices are designed for ‘functionality’, the design and decor of the office has a direct link with how actively engaged the employees are.

This knowledge coupled with the experience and understanding of the value of decor has lead me to design my own office to not only meet the highest standards of our clients but also ensure that our staff feel valued and productive. I have crafted my five tips to ensure the creation of a functional and stylish office.

1. Add greenery

Ensure live plants are placed around the office. Research shows that plants add to the productivity of any office. A bamboo palm or even a Chinese evergreen strategically placed around the office can be both low maintenance and visually interesting to both employees and visitors.

There are also many health benefits to having live plants in the office and a healthy office, means less staff off sick. Selecting the right plants will encourage staff to focus, improve their health and create a more appealing office environment.

2. Light it right

Natural lighting is the best lighting for an office, however not all offices are blessed with this. If natural light is lacking, you can lift your office’s visual aesthetics and productivity by utilising stylish lights.

We know the impact that fluorescent lights have on those in the office and very often when businesses book a commercial office space, they are so focused on the desk positioning and the technology requirements that the lighting really gets forgotten.

While not every office can have their workplace lighting changed entirely, placing stylish lamps along desks and in open corners can help bring warmth into the office and bring a stylish modern touch to your environment. 

3. Sort out that messy desk

Too often we get so bombarded with work that before we know it our desks are full of half opened envelopes, contracts and notes from our last meeting. It can be overwhelming from a productivity perspective, but also a complete eyesore visually. Unfortunately, it also sends a bad message to other employees and visitors, a message that says that you are a mess! Purchasing modern letter trays and stacking supports not only helps to arrange the mess and keep you organised, but also add an opportunity to add a pop of colour to your office.

4. Don’t forget the kitchen

Your kitchen area needs some colour too! The office shared kitchen shouldn’t be limited to a place for a beige kettle, and a boring white microwave with a laminated sign saying ‘Clean up after yourself!’. Use this area to create a stylish nook that will feel like a break from the rest of the office. By investing in pastel or bright coloured kettles, sugar and coffee containers and other appliances, you can bring a bit of colour and flavour into the kitchen. Maybe the staff really will clean up after themselves if they think the kettle is retro cool!

5. Organise that printer and copier space

It is rare to get a photocopier or printer that looks cool and stylish, but that doesn’t mean the area around it can’t have a bit of thoughtful dress ups. By using stylish ottomans that store the extra paper reams, wall-mounted racks for excess stationary items and even a stylish cart or stylish rolling basket can help disguise the clunky machinery and bring added colour, texture and style to the most boring of functional office spaces!

By putting a bit of extra thought into your office environment, it is quite easy and cost effective to create a stylish and functional office space. This small investment will really mean the difference between an environment where staff are fulfilled, balanced and want to thrive; or a boring grey office that could be replicated anywhere else. Whether it is a team of 2 or 50, creating an environment that nurtures health, productivity and engagement is absolutely vital. Just as your team are unique, so should your office space be, and by investing in stylish and functional elements for your office, you can really add to the overall bottom line of your business.

About Anita Eddine and Vanessa Saab

Anita Eddine and Vanessa Saab are the women behind the successful Mobilia Group. Mobilia Furniture Hire was established in 2010 through their understanding of the increasing demand for quality interior styling and innovative property presentation, Mobilia continues to grow by providing superior client service for staging and styling or private homes and commercial properties.

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